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    WTSell: Lens - Canon Canon 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III USM , Canon 50mm f1.8 II, Speedlight

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Lens Equipment Brand: Canon Equipment Model: Canon 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III USM , Canon 50mm f1.8 II, Speedlight 580 EX II Price (S$): see description Description: 1. Canon lens 75-300mm, f/4-5.6 III USM @ $350 Condition 10/10 Rarely...
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    Baby Ling

    My niece... Pls offer comments and advice.. Thanks.
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    actual day photographer/videographer wanted

    sourcing for actual day photographer/videographer. 21 nov 2007 wed. pls quote yr prices and package details to jennpoh@gmail.com. pls include a link to view yr portfolio. thanks.
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    my good fren's wedding pics

    erm... taken one yr ago... :embrass:
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    pls recommend a make-up artist

    can state rates for individual/group/couple make-over for fashion/studio shoots (any bulk discounts?) and if they also do/shave the eyebrows too? and any online portfolio?
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    Where to go for Photography courses?

    Hi, I wish to take up basic photography courses. I wonder which place to study would be better? Any suggestions? http://www.pss1950.org/programs.php#courses http://www.photoart-sg.com/index-1.htm
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    voo doo magic?

    hi.. is it risky to be photographed by people? Or give people your photos? will people practise voodoo magic on u or use them to practise darts? :dunno:
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    Photographer Models??

    How many of us here actually hope to be models instead of photographers? Maybe some of us practise hard enough so that one day we can do our own self-protrait instead? What are your views?
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    Does male model need to apply make-up?

    hi, just wonder if we need to employ a make-up artist for a male model? :dunno:
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    How did u first started out in Photography

    How did u first started out in Photography.. Pls vote and share with us your experiences... :)
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    is tripod necessary for taking photos?

    what are yr views? Both outdoor and indoors.
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    My First Model Shoot (22Feb04)-3 lovely gals' outdoor pics

    My first try at model shoots.. Give your comments.. No ps applied as i don't know how to use it.. :embrass: Don't leech my photos, ok.. LEEN I hate it when U got the best pose and someone suddenly moves in front of your lens when u pressed the shutter.. KELLY...
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    outdoor photoshoots 22feb 04

    i only have these.. see a blank space, dun be surprised. I cut away my photo.. looks fat compared to the models.. hehe :sweat: he.. How's my skills? My first time lei..
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    why no male models for photoshoots??!!!

    i wonder why there isn't any male model photoshoot? Is it because it is hard to find a good male model with great physique or is it because too few people would want to shoot a male model? What are your views?
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    Worth to be a model?

    How much can a model command per session? Is it worthwhile to be a model and be shot by so many people at a time? All of them will have numerous shots of yours at different angles and risk body parts being accidentally exposed.. SOmetimes u will get bitten by mosquitoes, legs ache from too...
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    start up costs for a simple studio..

    hi.. anyone has any idea how much would the start up costs of setting up a studio be? please help.. thanks.
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    makeover/makeup classes?

    any one has any idea where i can learn basic/ advanced makeover/make-up courses so i can use these skills on my future models? hahaha.. How much would that be roughly? thanks.
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    where to buy coloured gemstones?

    where to buy coloured gemstones? like ruby, etc. not too expensive ones. ANy idea? My fren wants to buy.. please help.. thanks.. :lovegrin:
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    S-plus GAM and epidemiology

    Hi, just wondering if anyone of you have technical knowlege of GAM and epidemiology.. I need some help!~~~~ :sweat:
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    ethical or not?

    Can anyone offer me advice on what I should do? Should I write in to the straits times or? A Traumatised Experience in a Clinic Four months ago, in June, I broke my coccyx (tailbone at the end of the spine) when I sat down onto a sofa in a café. I accidentally landed with great impact...
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