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    WTSell: Lens - Minolta 75-300 Big Beercan

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Lens Equipment Brand: Minolta Equipment Model: 75-300 Big Beercan Price (S$): 200 Description: It's been sitting in my dry cabinet for ages, selling since I rarely ever use it. Interested parties please PM. Real Name: DK Condition...
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    Sony camera and Carl Zesis

    If you want AF CZ lenses then i don't see why not. Thou there is so much more into Sony system than just those CZ lenses.
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    If Sony releases a 24mp apsc body ..

    The primes shouldn't have any problem either. Don't look at the MP, look at the pixel density.
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    Newbies with No DSLR

    a55 and d7000 use the same sensor fyi.
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    DSLR purchasing 3100 vs k-r vs others?

    Ok this' abit off, but if you consider marrying your gf in future, it's good to consider Canon, else you two will end up with 2 different systems. Sharing is usually overrated but it makes sense in this case. A 2nd hand 40d + kit lens should fit your budget nicely. If you die die have to go...
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    is E-mount 18-200mm worth waiting

    The E-mount 18-200 is more suitable for the VG10 than the NEX cameras... Its size just defeats the whole purpose of having a very small camera system.
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    "Bad Ergonomics"

    60D? A55 has been compared to 1Dmk4 in various occasions, let alone that lowly 60D!
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    Sony A55

    Those can't show anything. You have to mount the 500 mirror on both cameras, take something really far away, then compare the result, to see which suits you the most. A55 shouldn't have much problem beating A850 in this test, i believe.
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    Sony A55 & A33 DSLR Camera Not Suited For Tropical Climates

    No conventional DSLRs don't have this problem, since the sensor is only used during exposure, whereas in DSLT/mirrorless, the sensor is used all the time the camera is turned on.
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    Sony A55 & A33 DSLR Camera Not Suited For Tropical Climates

    I can't really say since I never use the a33/55 before, and never work in such hot condition, but i think there's a high chance that the camera will have problem. If you die die have to take photo in such condition, i think best to stick to conventional DSLR.
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    Sony A55 & A33 DSLR Camera Not Suited For Tropical Climates

    At 40C+, you should be worried more about yourself than taking photos :)
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    Sony A55

    If you want reach, the A55 + 500mm mirror is a good combo. I dare to say the A55 is even better than the A850 for your purpose, mainly because of its (A55) high pixel density, giving you lots of cropping power.
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    Why so many bro start to sell A55 already

    He's one of those who expect 1D4, D3s performance from the A55 i bet! :)
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    "Don't buy Sony, very bad. I rather dont sell you. Get canon"

    John 3:16 fails. Seriously why bother with those lousy / unhonest shops while there's a much better one around (SLRR)?
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    Why so many bro start to sell A55 already

    Gotta love the impulse buyers! :D
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    Getting first DSLR

    Sony got DSLR advertisement meh? Let alone heavy. Anyway already got yours, happy shooting!
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    Sony a55 noon. Lens suggestions?

    Think of what kind of macro you want to do. The 30/2.8 is good for normal macro, where you don't need to keep distance from your subject. Whereas if you want to do insects, it definitely can't cut it. The Tamron 90 or Sony/Minolta 100 are better choice, but even those ain't long enough at times.
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    Recommend potrait lens

    85/2.8. 135/2.8 STF if budget isnt a problem for you :lovegrin:
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