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    TY Beanies

    Thanks! Just looking for some animals for my nephew. :) Cheers!
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    TY Beanies

    Hi, Anyone knows any shops that sells TY BEANIES in singapore? Thanks! :)
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    Qinghai to Tibet (Golmud to Lhasa)

    Nice! Looks like the windows wallpaper... ;p
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    WTSell: Lens - Canon 17-85mm USM IS

    Sold to a nice gentlemen. Thanks all for your interest.:)
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    WTSell: Lens - Canon 17-85mm USM IS

    Item is reserved for transaction tomorrow.
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    WTSell: Lens - Canon 17-85mm USM IS

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Lens Equipment Brand: Canon Equipment Model: 17-85mm USM IS Price (S$): 400 Description: Equipment Type: Lens Equipment Brand: Canon Equipment Model: 17-85mm USM IS Price (S$): 400 Description: 9/10 quality no scratches comes with...
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    Looking for hootng Pals_West Zone

    hi hi... i'm in CLementi... do jio me if got any outings ya... ;)
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    Punggol Retry: April 7th, Saturday trip

    me too! wan to try sunrise shots... :) me from clementi... dun mind driving those from west go... but... i dunno how to go...
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    Tomb Raiders: Angkor CNY 2006

    Excellent planning by Mother goose! *kow tow *kow tow I enjoyed the trip alot... 你们是好人。。。 It is not coincidence that the 8 of us met, it is providence, it is our fate... ... :sweat: :cry: miss u guys and also the omelettes...
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    :bsmilie: hehe... weird thread...
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    Moon Lit night from NTU admin annex

    Haha... Canteen A taught me not to be fussy with food... after four years, it becomes very routine... breakfast : duck noodles lunch and dinner : Either cai fan, Western or jap. period.
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    Do u think its a wrong move to shift Glenn & Rod to class 95's mornin show?

    glenn and rod dun go with FD at all... sux big time! dun listen morning radio alreadi! listen mp3! :cry:
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    wad is e-ttl?

    hi, sorry ah... newbie question here... wad is the meaning of E-TTL ? and i heard g2 doesn't support e-ttl flash, means wad can't it do? thanks! cos thinking of getting 420EX. Thanks ya...:D
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    NTU Clubsnappers' Outing!!!

    Exams over lor... one person can vote how many choices? Places to go: (please increase the votes accordingly too) 1) Zoo (4 votes) 2) Jurong Bird Park (0 vote) 3) Sentosa (0 vote) 4) Pulau Ubin (2 vote) 5) Chinatown or City Hall area (2 votes)
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    exams finally over!

    Exams are OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woooohooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!:rbounce:
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    Comchest - LTA Streets of Singapore e-Auction

    man... look at the highest few bids... didn't even wanted to bid 100 for my road sign... :what: highest bids Mohamed Sultan Rd Hot Item! Closed! 29 $1338.00 Maxwell Rd Set (Chinese & English) Closed! 10 $1040.00 St Thomas Walk Hot Item! Closed! 31 $1000.00 Raffles...
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    Am-pro Dry Box

    think the gauge not very accurate... get a digital hygrometer to check. i'm using the ampro one too... had lots of problems setting the humidity to 40-50%... but once set... can leave it alone...
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    where to find swings?

    Think clementi near to the sunset way bridge got one... last one left in clementi. the rest all change to those modern ones...
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    Kodak Shop @Ikea

    I develop my digital prints there too... friendly service and nice prints.
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    Baby photos - recent favourites

    damn cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! can i ask wad flash and how you take ah? too much flash would hurt the baby's eyes rite... keep them baby pics coming!!!!!!!!