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  1. ortega

    ClubSNAP Photo Contest - Heritage in Modernity

    17 Jan 2022 - Singapore Happy New Year everyone, once again we are launching a photo contest, this time it is aimed at capturing the heritage and modernity of Far East Square. Take a walk down memory lane and embark on a heritage trail that will evoke nostalgic memories.
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    SINGAPORE – NX Field, a remote shooting system for corporate use that is scheduled to be released on June 17, 2021, has been announced by Nikon Singapore Pte. Ltd today. The system will support those on the frontlines of news reporting by allowing its users to link multiple Nikon digital SLR...
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    We’re looking to gather the best and brightest smiles in Singapore and we need your help! Stand a chance to take home a 13 INCH APPLE MACBOOK PRO when you submit your photos.
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    How many of you have switched to Mirrorless totally

    is mirrorless the way forward? I am still on a wait and see mode, DSLRs are mature while mirrorless still have some kinks to work out
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    Nikon has released NX Studio, if you don't want to pay for the adobe subscription, this can be the only software you will need to view, process, and edit your images and videos. Have you used it yet?
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    Coffeeshop Steak Burger

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    ClubSNAP Photo Contest - Falling in Love with Woodlands

    14 Feb 2021 - Singapore This Valentine’s Day, we are launching a photo contest aimed at capturing Singapore’s changing northern landscape. How have you witnessed the changes around Woodlands? Did you know that Woodlands Regional Centre is poised to take her place as the largest economic hub in...
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    Nikon Experiential Event at Plaza Singapura

    24 - 30 Sept at Plaza Singapura Atrium 11am 24 - 30 Sept - 1st 100 per day will get free sensor cleaning for your Nikon DSLR 1pm-8pm 24 - 30 Sept A demo area with the latest line-up of FX-format mirrorless and DSLR cameras, including the Z 7 and NIKKOR lenses, a photo exhibition showcasing...
  9. ortega

    Some stuff from the Nikon Z launch

    The most important thing we need to notice is the change of mount, now called the Z mount Side by side the f mount vs the z mount. With the new mount Nikon is no longer held back and we can expect new lens designs. (Some sample images later) Also there was the new 500mm f5.6 Really small and...
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    It’s lunchtime!

    Nasi Briyani with fried chicken
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    ClubSNAP - Nikon School Sports Photography Outing

    Nikon School Sports Photography Outing at Singapore MX Beach Race 2017. Nikon is official camera sponsor and are inviting ClubSNAP members for a high speed action shoot. Date: 27 August 2017 Time: 1:30pm - 2:30pm Venue: Sentosa, Tanjong Beach (details will be furnished later only to...
  12. ortega

    [ortega] Hands on the Nikon D7500 side by side with the D500

    On the 24th April 2017, Nikon announced the D7500 you can see the thread via this link Thanks to Nikon Singapore, I am able to do a side by side comparison of the new D7500 (beta model) together with it's bigger brother the D500 First...
  13. ortega

    Nikon D7500 Molestation session for ClubSNAP members

    Nikon has arranged an exclusive event for ClubSnap members to test the new D7500 at Singapore Wake Park to fully test the capabilities of this little power house 10 June 2017 Limited to the first 50 only. 10.00 Registration 10.15 Briefing 10.30 Molestation session starts 12.00 End Food and...
  14. ortega

    Nikon Singapore announces the D7500

    2017-04-12PERFORMANCE FOR THE PASSIONATE: NIKON D7500 IS READY TO EXCEED EXPECTATIONS FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS GEARED UP TO HONE THEIR CRAFTNew DSLR leverages its award-winning D7000 series pedigree, while introducing advanced imaging technologies in a lighter, compact body to keep up with a...
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    Thai Food from Nakhon Kitchen at Kovan

    just had lunch there this afternoon, good friends must share good food discoveries
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    Southern Lights with Alex & Wilson

    A lot of people have tried shooting Auroras in Iceland and we are planning a trip to Australia to do the same at a much cheaper cost. With a student-instructor ratio of maximum 1:4, the workshop and practical will bring participants to the beautiful Tasmania. And why Tasmania and not Iceland...
  17. ortega

    [ortega] Hands on with the Nikon D500

    I was given the opportunity to give the long overdue professional level DX sensor camera. The D500 was introduced together with the top of the line D5 FX sensor camera and shares some of the latest technologies with it. And one more - SnapBridge currently only available from the Google Play...
  18. ortega

    T-Shirt design for ClubSNAP Nikon users

    If you do not know already, we will print a T-Shirt for ClubSNAP Nikon users It has come to a point where we need to come up with the design Nikon has generously sponsored a really cool "nanoblock X NikonF" for the designer of the selected t-shirt design Deadline for submission is 28th...
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    NIKON D500 - Quick and dirty High ISO noise test

    Guess the ISO that this image was taken at? non cropped and resized
  20. ortega

    Official Nikon DL

    The New Photography Kit Essentials: Nikon Announces Premium Compact Range for Professional-standard Performance New DL range raises the standard of compact camera photography with DSLR-inspired optical innovation and always-on smart device connectivity SINGAPORE – The launch of the Nikon DL...