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    URGENT aids to tidal wave hit in asia

    Hi guys, please read the following message to do what we can for these people in need. HOW THE PUBLIC CAN HELP general info from Straits Times Interactive Yap SuYin Requested by Sri Lanka Tents, pre-cooked or ready-to-eat meal packs, water purification tablets, wheat flour...
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    Fashion portrait

    Hi people, I am fashion photographer working for local publishers shooting for local celebrities and models . Would like to know if there are any models/talents calibre who are interested to build a fashion portfolio for application of jobs in modelling agency. I charge $550 for...
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    Outline of Intermediate Fashion Photography workshop

    Thank you guys for your support. As requested by many, I would post the outline of the course in this thread. Should you have anything that you think you might be interested, do let me know and I see what i can do to adjust the lesson plan. Course Outline Day 1 Time: 0900hrs - 1100hrs...
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    fashion photography

    Hi clubsnappers, I am a professional freelance fashion photographer who is currently working for a few publishing magazines. I would like to see a show of hand on how many people would be interested to attend a 1 day workshop on studio fashion photography. The charges would...
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    Hi guys, Do gimme your support by visiting my lastest launched website featuring my photography portfolio @ Thanx, Ex
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    Excentrique lastest web portfolio Finally my official website is launched. I hope you guys would enjoy my online gallery.
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    street fashion

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    creative/intellectual critiques and info

    Well after much discussion with RedDawn on whether clubsnap should have a section for creative/ intellectual critiques and information, it has been decided that a poll should be called for first. what should included in the section are topics like the link shown here...
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    what makes a good picture

    me and my good friend decided to meet during the weekend to write this out as a contribution to clubsnap. I think this will be useful for anyone starting out and amateurs in photography. Don't not just read. Write your thoughts.
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    master critique
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    how to clean len

    well, decided to share my tips with you guys after seeing people having problem with cleaning lens all the time. Please do not, I say again, DO NOT use any tissue, liquid,your breath, or any other weird stuff on your len. There is a coating which you may destroy. My advise to use a good...
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    consensus needed

    Hi guys, I doing a consensus regarding opening a new section on photography phillosophy at the suggestion box. I felt that the suggestion box it a section where people will normally neglect because I'm guilty of doing so myself. But I think this polling is crucial as it may shape the...
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    photography bios/critique/ issue section

    I think it will be a great idea if there is a section whereby people can discuss concepts, assess links to master photographer's bio, discussing their philosophy, and works. Or any other discussion relating photography with our environment, society, sociology and philosophy. This will...
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    more firewerks

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    okay got it up finally.
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    NDP fireworks

    well just shot it a moment ago. for those who miss the parade, here's something magical to share.
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    self portrait

    Another experiment using myself as a subject. This is what I will can only do when I do not have time for outdoor or full-scale shoot. Making fun of myself :D
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    photographer's trade

    Hi pals, I was told by one of my fellow classmate whom I studied photography with, that the market for photographer has been very bad nowadays. She works as an assistant photographer and earning a meagre $80 a day. There were days where she only works 2 days in a week...
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    B&W photos "how to" Photoshop

    If you guy wants to master the art of B/W printing. You must first understand what makes a good B/W print. Cos this will very well affect the way you do your digital correction. For people who do not have the advantage of working in a darkoom, you can learn more from black and white...