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    Do u think age is a limit in photography?

    Age limit--------not a problem body limit ------a bit of problem Brain limit ------major problem
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    Is there photojournalist who only take photo and don't write?

    I am currently freelancing as a photojournalist photographer with some local publishers and I don't write. I just take pictures. It depends on which publishers you work with. Most established publishers would have the writer and photographer send to the interview or set.
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    do you have any formal photography training before?

    I came from a formal training in photography for 3 years, and i would say that proper education is an important step stool to understanding all the technical and conceptual aspects of photography. In school , you'll get to touch almost all genre of photography. However, it is through another few...
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    URGENT aids to tidal wave hit in asia

    Hi guys, please read the following message to do what we can for these people in need. HOW THE PUBLIC CAN HELP general info from Straits Times Interactive Yap SuYin Requested by Sri Lanka Tents, pre-cooked or ready-to-eat meal packs, water purification tablets, wheat flour...
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    Network for photographers' assistants

    Hmmm.. geoff ang now have 2 permanent assistants.., Wee kim don't like assistant and only use pro part-time, Charlie studio really very damn far, Russell uses one of my friend.. Not too sure about mark law or benny ang.. Good luck man.
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    Fashion portrait

    Hi people, I am fashion photographer working for local publishers shooting for local celebrities and models . Would like to know if there are any models/talents calibre who are interested to build a fashion portfolio for application of jobs in modelling agency. I charge $550 for...
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    Outline of Intermediate Fashion Photography workshop

    Okay, How about 27 Novermber (saturday)? Then day 2 will be the following week so you guys have enough time to complete and present your personal projects. We will fix the day 2 time with everyone in the workshop on 27 november. Well I would love to see your guys progressing.. Good work can't...
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    fashion photography

    Hi Zig, nice to hear from you. The outline has already been prepared. Please check them out at the other thread I posted on "Outline of Intermediate Fashion Photography workshop". I will try not to go too much into technical detail as technicality has to be cultivated over a period of time. And...
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    fashion photography

    Just attend my lesson.
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    Outline of Intermediate Fashion Photography workshop

    for those people who have yet to check out my temporary website, please log on to Please check out the various images by selecting "view all albums" at the front page The course fees will be $120. Interested parties please message me. Date of course will be...
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    Outline of Intermediate Fashion Photography workshop

    Thank you guys for your support. As requested by many, I would post the outline of the course in this thread. Should you have anything that you think you might be interested, do let me know and I see what i can do to adjust the lesson plan. Course Outline Day 1 Time: 0900hrs - 1100hrs...
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    fashion photography

    Thank you guys and gals for your support. I'm very glad to have made myself clear, and I'm not bothered or will be affected with any negative commentaries. For me, I just trying to see a show of hands on who is keen to attend a workshop if I were to conduct one. The ultimately results will help...
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    fashion photography

    Thanks, I truely appreciate your kind gesture to pipe down the situation. I wrote to invite people with no expectation to hear such heated sentiments. I like what you say about fun in photography. And I truely share common beliefs with you too. Thanks you for being understanding. I was only...
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    fashion photography

    Pardon me, please do not say things on behalf of all the people. Interested parties would be those who are genuinely seeking to build a portfolio that is commercially viable. Please do bear in mind that I am not marketing now. Conducting courses isn't my way to survive and why would I be...
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    fashion photography

    I'm terribly sorry if you take my earlier gesture as such. I was never meant to be elitist. As I will be conducting an intermediate course, I won't have the time to elaborate about simple things like exposure, light metering. The main focus will be on camera works, aesthetics, appreciation and...
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    fashion photography

    haha... opps blunder I guess.
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    fashion photography

    Hmmm... I'm not a hobbiyist for sure. I want to conduct a workshop for intermediate photographers who wants to build a portfolio strong enough for magazine work. I would have to pre- select the photographers to ensure that they have a certain level of competency before I can then be sure they...
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    fashion photography

    Hi clubsnappers, I am a professional freelance fashion photographer who is currently working for a few publishing magazines. I would like to see a show of hand on how many people would be interested to attend a 1 day workshop on studio fashion photography. The charges would...
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    a journey in full black and white - series. (for comment)

    hi glen, whoa it's been a crazy timing for me for the past few weeks. I'm currently creating stock images for this upcoming christmas, and would be pressing my CD for sales in a couple of days. That would be another round of madness for me. Just hope that nothing goes wrong.. It's good to...