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    olympus om-d versus full frame

    Olympus OM-D versus a full-frame camera -
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    kirk tuck : "Yes, the EPM-1. I'm "Pen Ready."
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    Canon Hanging on to Mirrors Means Opportunity for Sony, Panasonic Cameras
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    [ news ] - m43 sweeping across japan That sets a new record in Japan. According to BCNranking nine of the last week twenty most sold system cameras are from Olympus/Panasonic! As you can see from the image on top even the...
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    pen mini availability

    is this available yet ? anywhere ? worldwide ?
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    beautiful quote from a photographer Take Nothing But Pictures, Leave Nothing But Footprints, Kill Nothing But Time. Yeah photographers are brainy.
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    rambo photography
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    more e-x and e-xx series on the cards

    original translation
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    yor olympus camera is capable of amazing stuff Alex Majoli points and shoots Friday, June 3, 2005 | by Eamon Hickey Alex Majoli points and shootsSpecial techniques In 2003, Magnum photographer Alex Majoli shot some big stories for Newsweek magazine. He spent...
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    olympus preso

    Its a SECRET.
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    5 Situations When Manual Focus is Better than Auto Focus 5 Situations When Manual Focus is Better than Auto Focus by Darren Rowse Digital Cameras present photographers with an ever increasing array of Automatic and Semi Automatic shooting modes...
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    funny video - not so funny
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    Olympus Celebrates 70% Market Share in 'mirrorless' Camera Category in Australia,17622.html Olympus Celebrates 70% Market Share in 'mirrorless' Camera Category in Australia 2010-08-03 01:09 | Tag: Olympus Category percent Camera Market Based on the...
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    An Interview with Lou Manna

    How long have you been shooting with Olympus cameras? It has been since the E-10. The files were clean and looked very good straight out of the camera. Since I shoot a lot of high key images on white backgrounds, with the Olympus cameras I never have to retouch for dust spots. The sharpness...
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    e-5 out of stock E-5 D-SLR Body $1,699.99 Built on our revolutionary E-System technology, the new Olympus E-5 adds powerful new features that let you do more than ever before. Designed to maximize the award-winning performance of Zuiko Digital...
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    awesome feature in e-5 I just discovered this playing with the E-5. Shoot a RAW picture (or RAW + JPEG). Go to Playback mode. Press "OK" button. Select "RAW Data Edit." Camera will now create a new JPEG file from the RAW according to whatever...
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    [ Tech ] - thats y olumpus have f2 zooms

    43rumors has just posted a link to a new (not so new in Japan) Olympus patent that describes what appears to be a modular 'super43' camera. In essence, it's describing the concept of a camera body with a...
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    olympus IBIS technology
  20. C e-5 review Objectively with the E-5 tested objective F2,8-4/12-60 mm SWD has a focal length range mad for most...