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    Canon breaks through with image sensor that can see in the dark
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    Nikon to end single-lens reflex camera production in Japan
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    New Sales, Marketing and Servicing Support for Olympus
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    G7X Mark III

    The new one.
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    Olympus 12-200 f3.5-6.3

    I was going on a holiday trip recently and as always I look for a convenient zoom. Have been using interchangeably over the years for holidays, Panasonic 14-140 (on OMD EM1), Canon 24-105 f4 (on 5DSR), Nikon 24-70 f2.8 (on FX Body), Nikon 18-200 (on DX Body), Sigma 18-200 (on Canon APS-C Body)...
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    RIP Chuck Westfall In the old days, we listened carefully to his every word to figure out where the technology was moving. RIP Chuck!
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    “We select the best sensor, whoever the manufacturer is. That’s our policy.”

    Outstanding! Canon is back in the sensor game! :thumbsup:
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    Textbook Recalled After Teacher Photo Found to be From Adult Film This thread is dedicated to Master Sion. :bsmilie:
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    18-Year-Old Retrofits an Old Konica Rangefinder with a Sony NEX APS-C Sensor Anyone here done a similar project? :)
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    Oh Captain, My Captain

    Everyday since that day, I think of My Captain.
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    What should we give Obama?

    S’pore declared as the country that gave the worst gifts to President Barack Obama
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    Why is there a national predilection for snuffing out models?

    Is beauty dangerous? Is it a national pastime?
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    What bird?
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    For New Parents

    Can an try this if you are going to have a new baby. :)
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    Is Singapore against Earth Hour?

    Today Singapore will mark Earth Hour by turning off the lights for one hour at Marina Bay. But for years Singapore has been encouraging and providing subsidies to increase building lightings at CBD and Marina Area. Will one hour of light off undo 365 days of increased lighting? Are all these an...
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    Russia threaten to crash the World's Reserve Currency If Russia really do it, what will it mean for us? :o
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    Interview with Canon

    Interesting read with regard to Canon's future directions. http:// The following interview has been constructed from on-record comments made by various executives over the course of the...
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    Would you vote for such a practice in Singapore?
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    CP+ 2014 Canon Stand Report

    Field Report