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    how much is hp ipaq 4150?

    need some help here. does anyone knows how much is the hp ipaq 4150 and where to buy so as not to get ripped off? thanks in advance.
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    WTB: 9mm 2.5" notebook harddisk 20GB

    anyone selling? i offer $80 to buy the abovementioned harddisk. sms me at 97619009.
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    FS: Yonex Badminton Racquet

    I have a spare Yonex badminton racquet to sell. This is my spare racquet, not used for any serious game play. Model is Isometric Titanium Swing Power SA. Titanium Mesh Composite Frame. Long Size. Ultra High Modulus Graphite Shaft. Made in Japan. Condition is 9/10. Asking for...
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    FS: Tungsten T

    Got 1 unit of Tungsten T to sell. No more warranty. Unit is in good working condition. There are some light scratches on the unit. Selling with 1 original leather case and the hotsyn cradle (USB). No box and CDs. Asking for only $250. (fixed) If interested, please sms me at 97619009.
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    WTB: tungsten C

    anyone selling?
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    price of laptop ram

    Hi! does anyone here know how much is 1 piece of 512MB DDR pc2700 laptop ram?
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    2 gig CF cards

    Does anyone happen to know any place selling 2 gig CF cards? If yes, any idea about the price?
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    sigma 120-300 f2.8

    in case anyone is interested in how this lens performs at 300mm f2.8, here is an example:
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    Split from FS: Canon EOS D30

    wah...... every month you say you have not enough $$$$, what took you so long?
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    G3 + i450 printer = $1105

    Just came back from MSColor. Was told by the auntie there that the G3 is now selling at $1105. Furthermore, you can go to canon service centre to claim the i450 photo printer. I think it is very value for money. I heard that the printer itself is already $250. What are you guys...
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    Clearance sale: 6510 accessories

    Have the following nokia 6510 accessories to sell. 1) Desktop charger. Can put your handphone and battery on the charger at the same time. 2) Earpiece for 6510. The type that has two ear phones. 3) Desktop charger for 8910. Hoping someone would like to take all of them. Asking...
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    Split From FS: CANON 1Ds (Brand New set)

    R u willing to part with your 1Ds for $8K?
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    I think D30 is also waterproof!

    My friend went to shoot in the rain with a D30. Water splash everywhere, whole body wet, camera body also wet. But after cleaning, everything is working well again.
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    How to sell well at ebay Since lots of people here have ebay questions, I will post a few tips... 1. Have some one with very many positive feedback post it for you. Ideally have someone with 100+ positive feedback sell for you. Having this...
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    Selling Tungsten T

    Selling a few months old Tungsten T. Warranty Card not filled. Will be throwing in a leather case and a brand new set of stylus(3). Asking for $550. Please sms or call me if keen. Tel: 97619009
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    Ordered the 10D

    Pricing of 10D is still not announced, but AP has started taking orders for the 10D. I'm no. 3 on the waiting list. Wish me luck.
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    FS: few month old Tungsten T

    Selling a Tungsten T which is only 3 to 4 months old. Screen is protected by screen protector. No scratches on body. Selling together with a leather case and a brand new set of 3 extra stylus. Price is fixed at $520. First person who sms me at 97619009 gets the deal.
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    D60 successor is out! - D10

    Take a look at this: 1850 EUROs ~ SGD 3500 Cheaper than D60 when it was officially launched.
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    Palm Tungsten for Palm 515

    Anyone wants to trade his/her palm 515 for a palm tungsten T with $300 top up? I dun like my palm tungsten T. Wish to get the palm 515.