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    Is Downloading of TV Series Illegal?

    i know that downloading of movies/music/apps etc from the net is illegal. i'm referring to paid items. but is downloading TV Series illegal? there are some good TV Series in the US but not found here. so, is downloading and watching them illegal?
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    Passport Validity Question

    what is the reason that you must have at least 6 months of validity before you can travel? can i still travel if i have 4 months left before expiry?
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    so it's confirmed... Giancarlo is now part of the Ferrari team till the season ends... the next race is going to be very very interesting, an Italian driving an Italian car on an Italian circuit. it's very crucial for...
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    Notebook Dilemma

    i'm looking to get a notebook but i've got problems coming to grasp the reliability of certain brands. i'm thinking of Acer but heard that it is not very reliable and problems will occur rather frequently. why Acer? because they have a lot of models to choose from and their price is rather...
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    Guitar Allowed Onboard a Plane?

    can anyone tell me if airlines allow passengers to hand carry a guitar into the cabin? anyone carried one in before?
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    lai ah... lai ah... the next race is just around the corner. this time, it's in Monza... home of the Scarlet Prancing Horse let's put Spa-Francorchamps behind and start afresh with Monza. as always... Ferrari 1-2 Finish!!! :thumbsup:
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    Island Living

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    D300 @ 8fps without MB-D10?

    not too sure if this has been posted here before... anyway got this from some other source. thought i just share this little info.
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    HELP!!! Need to restore overwritten file

    i've overwritten a word document with a different version. is there a way for me to restore the previous version? i was so kan-chiong to prepare for a meeting and i overwritten my working copy with another copy. die liao. so, is there a way out here besides starting everything again?
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    How To Tell If A CF Card Is Fake?

    as the above title suggests... i recently got the SanDisk Extreme III 8GB for RM290.00 from one of the shops in Plaza Low Yat... it's a bargain i'd say. now, is there a way to tell if it's original?
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    New ERP Gantry!!! Serious Boh?!?!?

    now we know why we fought so hard for Pedra Branca... :bigeyes::bsmilie:
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    Crumpler : 7 Million Dollar Home

    anyone has this bag? is it very comfortable and practical to use? i'm looking for a shoulder bag to house the following items: 1. DSLR body with grip 2. flash unit 3. 70-200 f/2.8 lens 4. one additional lens (kit lens or equiv in size) 5. misc items like lens hood, batts, and other small items...
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    The Black Knights

    i'm just thinking out loud... i know that the Black Knight pilots... besides playing a role in performing aerial stunts, they also serve and protect the nation. but hor, if there is a sudden emergency... will the Black Knights F-16s be deployed into action? if they do, will they dog-fight in...
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    Are We Guilty???

    as we all know, we are always encouraged to use bio-degradable products so as not to kill the earth. people are encouraged to bring their own shopping bags, use recycled materials, conserve energy, etc. let's say we go to food outlet and tah-pau makan back. our food will be packed in...
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    Firmware Upgrade for D300

    any of you installed the D2XMODE1,2,3 firmware for your D300? are they useful? what do they actually do?
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    An Evening with Juliana

    My first time joining Ivan for his many shoots. It was a great experience. And Juliana was a pro to work with too. Here are some of my shots. #1 #2 #3
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    Slimming Centres: Are They For Real?

    eh... all those slimming centres out there... for men and women... are they really effective as what they advertised? some mentioned eat what you like and still lose weight. no injections needed. traditional approach used, etc. all true or just a load of BS just to rake in the moolah? anyone...
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    Looking for an Old Music Album

    hehehe... don't know if i can find one but no harm trying... you guys heard of the album "Why U So Like Dat?" right? anyone have this album? the album was released long time ago in cassette format. is there a CD format for it? if yes, where can i get it? i really missed the corny jokes leh...
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    DIY Laser Burner

    check this out Star Wars is real :thumbsup: