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    Olee Petite Dehumidifier: Need Help

    Hi all I bought this item at Homefix last week, and put in my bomb shelter. The next day, found that water had leaked out to my bomb shelter floor instead of collecting in the container. I took out the water container and noticed there is no holes, whatsoever. I took a detail look at...
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    room dehumidifier

    Hi there Anyone has recommendation on the above, and where to buy them, Budget less than $150, to be used in Storeroom/bombshelter to prevent stuff from getting mouldy.
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    color picker/ analyser from photo

    Hi there I would like to free tool that allow me know the color RGB, hex code of the colors for the picture I see on the screen. Do anyone know where can I download such a tool?
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    Some photos to share

    went for a business trip few weeks back, brought the fz20 along, and took some snap shots on the way. Still trying to perfect my shooting skills, comments welcome.
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    Books or website on creative collage

    I am currently into collages, do any one know any nice books or websites that teach you how to make creative and nice collage using photoshop? I know the basic, and lack the creative thinking to make the collage unique
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    Collage of Spottiswoode Park

    Just would like to share a nice place for photoshoot at Spottiswoode Park. A small neighbourhood with old houses, very colorful. This is a collage which I made. Still trying to perfect my collage skills and creativity. Collage of Spottiswoode
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    1st post with FZ20 - Rain Keeps Dropping On Our Head

    This is my 1st post with FZ20, PS by cropping. A bit out of focus though, still experimenting the 12x zoom Rain
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    where to print 3 inch by 3 inch photo

    Hi there I have a photo frame which holds 3 inch by 3 inch photos, any shop that can recommend such unique size prints? Any one tried b4? Must I cut the photo to the size after the print by the shop? I just need to crop 3 inch by 3 inch is PS right?
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    Need Help: Recommend Photo Printer

    Hi there Looking for a photo printer to replace my old HP 830C. Budget is less than 400 SGD. Will use new printer for printing digital photos, mainly for hobby, not hardcore professional digital photographers. Should use individual ink tank also. Need your recommendation to suggest...
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    Any Photoshop Book to recommend?

    Hi everyone I am a newbie in Adobe Photoshop. Would like to find a book which focus on the following technique: a) Making the photo sharper b) Reducing Noise c) Make complexion smoother d) Make people look thinner :bsmilie: Basically is there a Photoshop book which explain...
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    cheapest price for Casio Ex-Z40

    Hi there Wonder what is the cheapest price of Casio Ex-Z40, saw today's ad on ST of $799 with free 128MB memory card. Any other places with lower prices and better offers? Anyone know of such places? Thanks.
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    What settings for low light for A40

    Hi I found out that in low light situation when I use the flash on A40, the backgound behind the subject will be real dark. What is the best settings, mode etc for taking a photo in low lighting (eg in a dinner in a restaurant)?. ML
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    which color is more accurate, Camera LCD screen or Computer screen

    Hi I took quite several low lighting shots on my A40, looks good on the camera's LCD screen, but underexposed on computer screen, which screen shows a correct exposure? How to I be sure that the picture will turn out fine if I sent for digital printing since there is a discrepancy? How to...
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    How to take potraits with A40

    Hi A newbie here. me want to take a potrait shot/ or other subjects with blurry background effect with A40. How do I do that? what modes and adjustment must i make?
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    Good photography website for newbie

    Found this website good for me, any one else have another other website to share?
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    a40 stock no here yet

    Hi Is there stock of a40 at cathay or alan photo?
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    A40 Vs Ixus V2, which to buy

    Just a comparison between this 2 in terms a functionalities i know a40 is 3 x optical zoom and V2 is 2 x, and V2 is smaller. Besides these, any difference in both of them? Eg Aperture priority etc. Which takes better night shot?
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    Next Seed

    Any indicative date of next seed? may want to get A40
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    How to test Dead pixel on DC screen

    Hi would purchase a DC soon, b4 buying, would like to check how do i test for dead pixels on the LCD screen? is there a procedure? Is dead pixel covered under warranty?
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    Canon A40 versus Canon Ixus 330 What is the Diff

    Seems to me that the only diff is the look and size of camera, functionality the same? am i correct? of course, the Ixus cost a lot more :) Any one know any other differences?