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    What to look out for when buying DC?

    Hi, it's been a long time since I last used a DC. Currently thinking of getting the Nikon 3700. Can anyone guide me on what should I look out for? Best if someone can post the pricing from the various shops here. Many thanks. Cheers!!
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    Thinking of buying CoolPix 3500

    Hi guys, long time no come in liao...has been busy with my Home Theater System Upgrade, now it's almost ready. I am currently thinking of getting the Nikon CoolPix 3500 DC - main concern here is "small" easy to bring around. Did a search in this forum and also dpreview but couldn't find...
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    where can I find Hoya (HMC) FL-D Filter?

    Hi guys, long time to post liao...had been busy with my Home Theater System and HiFi setup. Hence my Olympus C700 is sleeping on my shelf. I need a 55mm Hoya (HMC) FL-D Filter for my Panasonic LCD Projector. Don't seems to be available locally. Anyone knows any online sites that sells...
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    Photoshop or Photoshop Elements?

    Hi guys, I've both softwares but do not know which one is better. I've tried Photoshop elements, dun quite understand the functions. Some of the photos taken by me are pretty blur, any functions to sharpen them? Any user, pls comment. Thanks.
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    Alan Photo & Cathay Photo...

    I've seen you guys talking abt Alan Photo and Cathay Photo but how about Alley Photo? Seems like no posting about this shop. I just came to knew about it few days ago when I was at Raffles City SC.
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    Olympus C-700UZ users, pls come in...

    Hi guys, after I attached the lens adapter and Hoya multi-coated UV guard - 52mm, my orginal Olympus lens cap no longer fits. John 3:16 is kind enough to give a lens cap but I felt that it looks kinda cheapo. What are you guys using, pls share your experience with me. Do you usually take...
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    Problems using this forum...pls assist.

    I receive an email notification everytime someone post in my subcribed thread. How can I stop this function before my mailbox get flooded. Pls assist. Thx.
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    Upgrading my C2040Z to C700UZ for 10X Opitcal Zoom

    After handling the C2040Z for a week, I found that what I need is a camera with greater zoom capability. Hence, I am looking at Canon Pro90SI, Olympus C2100UZ or Olympus C700UZ. I can see that lots of member in HWZ (maybe they're here now) uses the C700UZ, where as only JAYAN (from HWZ) uses...