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    Any Pentax bro/sis interested?

    After having my pre-wedding photography taken in Shenzhen, I'm pretty motivated to do some myself. Maybe we can do a small meetup, maybe 6-8 person group. Will need someone to volunteer a lady friend/wife to model (I doubt I can volunteer my wife, after all it's just after our wedding), or a...
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    Reverse 28mm + Tamron 1.4x (Sugar)

    Inspired by the Myojo diffuser I'd made an even simpler one using a piece of foam with a cross cut in the middle. The foam slide from behind the lens before being mount. Setup Sugar
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    Would like to hear your views if I have a case. I did a voluntary event shoot for a dog show with some agreements. Of which is they may sell CD with my photos as long as the photos carry my watermark and no editing is allowed by its member. If any of their member wants to use the photos for...
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    Looking for ROM Photographer

    Need a ROM photographer on 22nd Dec 08 late morning (Monday). Only need 1hr service and RAW shots. Those interested kindly email your rates and portfolio to Thx^^
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    Sigma 24-60mm f2.8 on K10D

    Finally arrived after 2 weeks of waiting.^^; It's a really excellent lens for abt S$330 (new). Though sharpness aren't as good as the Tamron 17-50mm f2.8, but the bokeh is better^^ Can't do a compare with the Tamron as it should be in Japan now:bsmilie: But I'll do a compare with Marcus's Sigma...
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    WTBuy: Lens - Pentax PKA Zoom Lens

    Advertisement Category: Want To Buy (WTB) Equipment Type: Lens Equipment Brand: Pentax Equipment Model: PKA Zoom Lens Budget (S$): Cheap Description: Looking for cheap PKA mount (any brand) zoom lens or PKA zoom lens with broken front element/glass. Most important must be zoom and cheap...
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    WTSell: DSLR - Pentax K100D Kit

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: DSLR Equipment Brand: Pentax Equipment Model: K100D Kit Price (S$): $450 Description: Selling my fiancee's lightly used K100D since she don't mind using the K10D. $450 with 18-55mm kit lens V1 or $400 for body only. - Shutter count...
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    Stray Cats

    My photography has mainly revolves around flash & close-up/portraits. To expand my photography, I'm starting to go into wider and natural light photography. These are what i managed to get today. Don't think I did well^^; Edit: Not looking for C&C, just sharing the shots^^
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    K20D, Tamron 17-50mm, Panning

    I'd always wanted to try panning, but never did one before (like know how to do it but never did it). Was looking for stray cats today end up playing with panning. Not as hard as I'd imagined, managed to get abt 1 success in 3-5 shots. So here are my 1st panning shots.
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    I'd yet done an official D&D or AD Wedding, so I thought I understand why most complained abt AF in low light. But when I re-think over again these few days, most events u'll have a flash mounted. And most (if not all) P-TTL I know has SB (spot-beam) on them, which help in lowlight AF. I'd done...
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    Bright and Natural

    hjbyeo bro asked about Pentax Red/Purple details loss. Coming from K10D, I know many likes to use bright mode. However, this mode needs to be use carefully. It gives u great colors but may cause color clipping. Here are 2 shots I took of the same flower with the bright and natural mode. Both are...
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    K20D, Reverse 28mm & Insects

    After testing the K20D yesterday, I find the Sigma 28mm may not have enough resolution to support K20D. So I try again, at 1st I'd use sharpen +2, seems like it's kinda soft even at f22:what: After feeling dishearted, I relook at sharpen setting again. It was on fine sharpen. Then I switch it to...
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    Anyone tried Cameta Camera for Pentax?

    Any bro/sis here tried getting stuff from Cameta Camera? They are selling the Sigma 24-60mm f2.8 at a great price. Tempted to get, but dunno if they are gd. Most positive review seems to be from US/CAD, so wanna know if anyone tried:sweat: US$200 for a f2.8 seems like a gret price to...
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    Reverse 28mm with K20D (Insects)

    For the benefit of alanswan, posting these in a new thread instead of the Pentax photos. These are taken with in-build flash only;) If anyone wanna see eyes let me know:bsmilie:
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    Reverse 28mm with K10D (Flower)

    The cheapo reverse k mount > 52mm adapter came yesterday, so bring the K10D out to test it with old Sigma 28mm f2.8 Mini Wide II. Since I'd haven't done floral macros in abt 1 yr, so I made this the theme for the test. Think I'm pretty rusty liao^^;
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    Lens option help

    I looking for an af zoom lens that can give reasonable amount of bokeh (blur) in event shot from 28 or 35mm to something more than 100mm. Think a f2.8 or f3.5 or f4 would be ok. Any bro got recommendation?
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    Pentax strobist sharing (Jul 08)

    Since a few Pentax bros are interested in simple product/close-up photography, I'd decide to hold a sharing workshop/gathering on the 12th of Jul. Only 6 slots, as I dun wan too many ppl. Will only go through the basics with multiple flash sets. Most likely will hold a basic sharing workshop on...
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    Hamster 1st try

    Finally found a hamster that I could try taking shot for. Never thought hamsters could be so fast:bsmilie: Didn't do so well^^; Anyway just sharing some shots^^
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    Overcome 1/180s limit

    Since more and more Pentax bro/sis getting interested with strobist action, I guess I'll give the most basic way to overcome 1/180s limit. The technique is flash frozen, nothing new. It's been around for a long long time. You basicly use the lowest ISO, narrow aperture (like f13-f22) and...
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    Simple product (seefei)

    Here's what u can do with ur 2 SB-3000. Reflctor & diffuser out, zoom at 24mm with 1/8 power. Mount is in M mode and off camera is in slave mode. Both head tilt at 45 degree. You can get a simple reflect like that in Daiso or get the car one. I use a chopping board, better if u use a white...