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    Sungei Buloh Engraved Flag Sightings

    We have set up a Facebook group “Sungei Buloh Engraved Flag Sightings” to share information on sightings of engraved color flags on shorebirds that were flagged at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. Your sightings will help us monitor the movement of individual birds in Singapore and along the East...
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    NParks Photography Competition

    Dear Clubsnap members, NParks' Photographic Competition is ongoing till 5 April. Submit your photographs to stand a chance to win great prizes! :)
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    Smooth-coated Otter at SBWR

    :o SOLID Series! no 10 is fantastic!
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    A Milky Stork ??

    Possible. There are many milky and painted storks flying free from the Singapore zoo. :) Nice catch in flight
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    Beautiful jumper mom with eggs->babies <333

    Very nice series. :) Thanks for sharing.
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    Robberfly @ Kota Tinggi

    #1 is super nice :):)
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    Save Mandai Orchid Garden thread - Share your experiences

    Beautiful shots of the birds of MOG. :) Although I have only gone to MOG once, all that is said about MOG is true; friendly staff, beautiful setting, important site for resident birds. If I am not wrong, MOG is the nesting site for several key bird species in Singapore. Does anyone have a...
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    Nature in a concrete forest.

    I like the colours of your lily. btw, the 2nd photo of the bird in flight is a Little Egret. :) Cheers!
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    Red Bearded Bee Eater

    Classic pose and very sharp! Great lighting too. :)
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    Blue-Tailed Bee-Eater

    WA! That's swee swee man!
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    Little Tern Inflight/Splash

    Great action series. Try a faster speed and see what you'll get.:)
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    Sungei Buloh Specials - Smooth Otter & Sumatran Sunbeam

    The closing date is 12 July 2009. :) Enter le! :) support support!
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    Sungei Buloh Specials - Smooth Otter & Sumatran Sunbeam

    Wa, nice ones bro. Do participate in the Sungei Buloh Photography competition le! google it sbwr photographic competition. :)
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    A tragic ending of the little tern chick

    Not sure what happened.. so sad.
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    Sigma 150-500mm in action

    Hi, before you tweak the AF fine tune, I would like you to try the following; 1/125th f6.3 OS on D700 auto iso max 6400 1/160th f6.3 OS on D700 auto iso max 6400 1/250th f6.3 OS on D700 auto iso max 6400 All without tripod. Burst three shots for each setting to test. :) Happy testing! Let...
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    D300 Picture Problem

    Check using another memory card?
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    WTBuy: Accessory - Nikon MB-D10

    Advertisement Category: Want To Buy (WTB) Equipment Type: Accessory Equipment Brand: Nikon Equipment Model: MB-D10 Budget (S$): you quote Description: Hi All, looking for a used but not abused MB-D10 urgently. condition not important.. just must be working 100%. :) do quote for...
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    NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4-5.6G or Tamron 70-200 f/2.8

    just my experience, I ordered a replacement for my tamron 180mm tripod collar since December 09. It has not arrived. 4 months! what do you think of the maintenance service? IMO, I am disappointed with Tamron. First was my tamron 90.. it's front element fogged within 2 years and i needed to get...
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    AF 80-200mm f/2.8D ED ... soft at f/2.8

    My experience with the 2 touch AFD 80-200f2.8 at wide open is similar; soft at 200f2.8(not talking about back/front focusing) Sharp at 200f4 IMO, the one touch is sharper at wide open.
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    Sigma 150-500mm in action

    Here are 3 samples taken using the Sigma 150-500 OS. Nikon. IMHO, this is one lens worth every penny and more if you handle it well. :)