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    5.7 earthquake hits Volcano Islands Japan at 10pm tonight

    USGS Japan region NZ earthquake affecting japan techtonic plates?
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    N.Korea shells island in South, causing injuries

    oh no! :bigeyes: SEOUL (AFP) - – Several North Korean artillery shells landed on a South Korean border island Tuesday, damaging homes and causing injuries, YTN television reported. A resident of Yeonpyeong island near the tense Yellow Sea border told YTN by phone that some 50 shells...
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    So hazy today...and yet...

    it is so hazy today and can smell the burning smell and yet!!!.... PSI reading is only 55????? :dunno:
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    Stars' lensman might go into financial ruin basic financial acumen needed even when shootings stars and celebrities.
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    Two-and-a-half mins

    IS it true that this year NDP fireworks will just be two-and-a-half minutes?? that's according to today's TODAY report page 12 or is it a typo? The fireworks will be fired from three barges anchored around Marina Bay. Spectators will only get to enjoy two-and-a-half minutes of the display.
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    Malaysia confirms first H1N1 flu case

    our northern neighbour got it liao..
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    SLS STARetailer pledge

    just saw it in the paper's today : The STARetailer Pledge is: * Not to sell products above RRP * To be honest * To issue official clear and concise receipts * To refrain from abusive language or conduct * To remain courteous and polite at all times *...
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    PhotoFast 366x CF Pro

    Have anyone tried the above brand of CF card before? thanks
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    China closes Tibet to foreign tourists till april 1st hope nobody already planned for their trip during this month.
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    Microsoft Announces End of Sales for Windows XP Window 7 coming out soon?
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    HK aiport baggage handlers went on strike..

    hope nobody here got delayed with their flights..
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    New Lenses from Tamron!

    SP AF90mm F/2.8 Di MACRO 1:1 with Built-in AF Motor for Nikon (Model 272E) New Tamron SP AF10-24mm Di II High-Performance Ultra Wide-Angle Zoom Lens with unprecedented focal length range (Model B001)...
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    White card needed..... again.

    THE country has ended its six-month trial of going paperless, and Singaporeans will have to fill in the embarkation and disembarkation forms again at the Causeway and the Second Link from this week. Which means more time spent at immigration clearance. The reason for reverting to the fourpage...
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    Death of the incandescent bulbs?

    NZ, Oz to ban use of incandescent bulbs WELLINGTON — New Zealand will ban traditional light bulb sales from October next year to cut greenhouse gas emissions and save up to half a billion dollars in energy costs over 12 years, the government said yesterday. Energy Minister David Parker...
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    Window XP SP3 ready..

    Window XP SP3 ready for download..according to Hardwarezone site..
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    Khatib Bongsu closed to public?

    just read in today ST that Mindef will not be permitting the general public to enter Khatib Bongsu from next month..:thumbsd:
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    Manfrotto 190DB price drop.

    CP dropped the price of 190DB from $346 to $190 according to the ST page 18.
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    Kingston Ultimate CF not compatible?

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    Another one bites the dust...

    ThinkPad on fire at LAX.. what's happening to all this batteries??,39050980,61953568,00.htm
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    Double Ghost months whammy!

    does that mean that there will be less wedding.. according to ST report.. due to leap year. normal ghost month will be from July 25th to August 23rd and a leap year seventh month from aug 24th to sept 21st. more wayang to shoot?