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    Sponsored Young Photographer to become Paintographer

    Calling all photographers, who also wish to be a LICENSED Paintographer conducted by the Founder, CharlieLim, the Paintographer. (The fee will be sponsored by a businessman.) Only 1 young full-time photographer with the right attitude and passion will be selected. Interested please call...
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    Part-time assistant needed

    The position is still available.
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    Part-time assistant needed

    We are a commercial photo studio and we moving to a new location. We need one or two photo assistants to help organize/pack/moving equipment. Duration: 4 to 6 hours. (during office hours) @$8 per hour. Interested applicants: Whatsapps: 9687 9565 (Charlie) or 9476 4298 (Jerene).
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    Drone Aerial Videography Services

    We are looking for a drone photographer for a half-day shoot. Location near Batam. Overview of chalets. Kindly provide rates and other costs required. Email: