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    WTSell: DSLR - Canon 350D

    bump bump
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    WTSell: DSLR - Canon 350D

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: DSLR Equipment Brand: Canon Equipment Model: 350D Price (S$): Please Offer Me Description: Selling all my setup as I am giving up hobby, 1) canon 350D (bought in 2006) (condition 6.5) 2) Battery Grip BG-E3 (bought in 2007)...
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    Fun in Philippines

    love the colours and the tones, especially pic 2, the contrast between the foreground and background is tastefully carried out
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    Any photographers had good photo on siloso beach party molest incident?

    Regardlesss that it's a he or she, no one deserves to be treated in this manner, this is obviously a outrage on a person modesty, would it be okie if it's a guy getting grope by 4 men then? This is a matter on modesty, regardless on gender.
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    [kuantoh] AOH : 3 Sep 2009

    very nice photos for the chopper, can consider selling them to the army for their recuritment ads. =)
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    Euro-Trip, JUN 10-27, 2009 - Berlin, Wolfsburg, Paris, Interlaken, Luzern, Rome, Prag

    ;)excellant series, love the colours, sharpness and everything.
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    Thailand - Phuket

    hey, which beach you will be going? cause some beaches are quite far away. Anyway, if you were to be at patong beach that stretch, there's a big shopping center there. And if you walk along the beaches, you might see some guys with cars, offering you a day of trip, whereby they will bring you...
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    NSF Posting Order- Kana Posted to SisPeC - Suffer in Silence Plus Extra Confinement

    Lol.. totally agreed! times are different, just 2years ago, i ran around the wing line carrying the metador over my head. :sweat:
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    "Later" or "Tomorrow" ?

    hmm.. think i would say tmr.. to some people they are they same, but actually they are not, it creates a different effect
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    20s young adults outing.

    count me in too!! been so long since i went out for gathering..
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    Marina Bay Fireworks 2008

    nice shots! did you took them from the hotel?
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    fireworks @ marinabay

    i was at that area too.. waited so long, thinking it'll be from the same launch site as the national day, end up it appear on my right.. all shots covered by treess.. argh!!!
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    New Year Fireworks @ Marina Bay

    nice photos, i was at the wrong side, block by all tress and stuff.. argh..
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    Any fireworks This year end

    Lol!! where are you now? in aust??
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    Taiwan Trip with CSS

    nice series!! makes me feel like going to taiwan again..
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    where to buy cheap and good mountain bike?

    it'll depends how cheap your cheap means, a average one can set you 400 plus, which can last quite some time.
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    The way home...

    the first thing i notice is the pathway from the center left to the top, might want to omit that in your composition cause those pathway will draw more attention.
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    While the hype was on-going at SIN...

    woa.. tt's a young second warrent i think..
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    This is the first time i'm seeing this pose for a wedding photo, but nevertheless nice and creative, different from those typically seen wedding photos! saw your website and i like your layout and processing. Able to capture the fun and joy during the wedding. :thumbsup:
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    Poison: Canon 40D vs Nikon D300

    think they're refering to the nikon D300, no canon 300D