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    Short review of Canon New EOS R

    I attended a preview event for the new Canon EOS R hosted by Canon Singapore. First impression of the camera, very handsome looking black workhorse. Not much gentle curves, every inch screamed I am a serious machine! I was very pleasantly surprised to find a decent size battery grip, the...
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    where are the car show photographers

    where are the car show photographer posting in Clubsnap? They do not post here anymore?
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    Anyone playing with 360 Camera? Samsung Gear 360/ LG Cam 360/ Ricoh Theta S

    Anyone playing with these toys? Tries searching the forum, but no results. Anyone made anything interesting with these? Care to share reviews?
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    WTSell: Lens - Canon EF 17-35mm F2.8L

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Lens Equipment Brand: Canon Equipment Model: EF 17-35mm F2.8L Price (S$): 650 Description: One of my favourite lens but seeing very little use as I now shoot a lot more portraits. Hope to find a new owner for this lens and hope he/...
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    what has happen to clubsnap

    i have been away from clubsnap a few years. log in once a few years. there is much less activities in kopitiam. less questions, less sharing. Much less posting of pictures in the different sections. the forum layout now only show very current post. need to specially choose to display...
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    Help. Dry cabinet keys lost

    Hi all, Need to broadcast for help. Lost my akarui branded dry cabinet keys. Need to find help from any of you holding same brand of dry cabinet. I like to borrow 1 of your key to make a duplicate ir simply just open it. I live in amk. So any of you living near or far. Please shout...
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    WTSell: Others - Epson V700

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Others Equipment Brand: Epson Equipment Model: V700 Price (S$): $870 Description: Brand new epson photo scanner. Not opened yet! Wife object to purchase so i better sell it. my lose is your gain Please sms ONLY Self...
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    DO you like the new forum layout design?

    Personally, i find the new forum layout very difficult to read. what do you think?
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    are safra swimming pool crowded?

    are safra swimming pool crowded? having been a safra member for more than 10 years. never made use of the facilities before. any of you guys swim regualry at safra, know the condition of the pools. if they are crowded? which swimming pools in your opinion is the nicest and least crowded. thanks.
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    WTSell: MediumFormat - Hasselblad 503cw

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: MediumFormat Equipment Brand: Hasselblad Equipment Model: 503cw Price (S$): 2300 Description: Selling my hasselblad collection to focus on my other businesses. 1.503cw Camera body with 80mm CB lens @ $2300 2.50mm cf lens @...
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    WTBuy: Others - ANY BRAND FILM SCANNER (up to medium format)

    Advertisement Category: Want To Buy (WTB) Equipment Type: Others Equipment Brand: ANY BRAND Equipment Model: FILM SCANNER (up to medium format) Budget (S$): Please Offer Description: Need a film scanner urgently to work on some pictures. I know some of you have one lying at home picking up...
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    WTBuy: DSLR - Canon 5D mk2/ 1D mk3/ 1Ds mk2

    Advertisement Category: Want To Buy (WTB) Equipment Type: DSLR Equipment Brand: Canon Equipment Model: 5D mk2/ 1D mk3/ 1Ds mk2 Budget (S$): 2-3K Description: Looking for a camera (1) IN GOOD CONDITION. not particular about shutter count. prefer if there is battery grip. (IN THE CASE OF 5D)...
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    hacking wall in hdb

    hi all, maybe planning to do rennovation to my flat. anyone has experience getting contractor to know down the store room wall. how much do they quote? any suggestion is welcome.
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    tightening credit!!!

    anybody notice, recently credit control is getting stricter. i been using m1 for the past 10years... today i received a phonecall chasing my bill payment which is slightly overdue by a month. i also got a call from citibank which is chasing me coz i am late by 4 days. they previously...
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    print on ilford paper fade resistant

    I use to use a HP photosmart 8950 on both HP paper and Ilford paper. Do noice that the Ilford print faded a lot faster than the HP. I recently just bought a canon pixma pro9500. Due to limited availability of a3 paper from retail store. I wonder if any of you here use Ilford with our canon...
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    Low engine oil problem

    Hi guys, posting this here coz i dun want to upset people in the car forum. Lately i been looking at 2nd hand car and there is 1 VW GTI i really fancy. Now the problem is the mileage is rather high at 69K over 3 years. We arrange to have the car check at my friend workshop. The SIFU...
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    Full Time Assistant

    Hi gentlemen, looking to hire a full time studio assistant for a top fashion/commercial photography studio. Familiarity with studio equipments is preferred though not strictly required. We are located in town, near the dobbyghaut mrt station. please send your full resume, complete with a...
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    Intern wanted

    Hi all, Looking for an intern to help out in the studio. Interested, please drop an e-mail to What i need in the email, 1. A resume will be good but not essential. (Need to have contact informations!) 2. A self portrait (it will be helpful if the picture can be a...
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    WTR: 1 DSMK2 for 4 days

    as above, need to rent 1DsMK2 for 4 days. 9-12 may 2007. please pm me your rates and contact.
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    driving up to KL

    Hi Guys, i am planning to drive up to KL for a short weekend trip this weekend. I am sure many of you have done this countless times b4 so appreciate if you can give me some pointers or anything to watch out for? also, which map is good for this? (i dun use gps yet) thanks!