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    WTSell: DSLR - Canon 350D

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: DSLR Equipment Brand: Canon Equipment Model: 350D Price (S$): Please Offer Me Description: Selling all my setup as I am giving up hobby, 1) canon 350D (bought in 2006) (condition 6.5) 2) Battery Grip BG-E3 (bought in 2007)...
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    Sigma 17-35 EX DG

    Anyone is using this lens and any comments for it, good or bad? as i'm interested to get it. Thanks!!
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    Gather young and newbie kopitiam

    Hey everyone from Gather young and newbie thread, Please use this thread for future discussion other than organising gathering which is held here. Cheers!!
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    enelope batteries

    Hi all.. Can i know how much does the enelope batteries from sanyo (IIRC) cost? and what's included in the basic pack?
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    Why do ppl go to car shows, sitex, comex etc?

    As above, what actually attracts ppl to go to these exhibitions? Or rather for what reasons will you go there?
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    Argh!! My BG-E3 died on me! Cant on my camera with the grip on, but if i remove my grip, i can on my camera. Just bought it for around 3months only.. anything i can do? repair?
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    Coments Welcome..

    My first post of my pic in clubsnap.. Hope you guys can C&C on it.. Only auto level is applied onto the pic, no other pp is done.
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    hoya multi-vision filters

    Wondering is it worth to spend $40 dollars on a 58mm hoya multi-vision filter? anyone who had used it before can tell me the effects of it?
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    shooting in geylang

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    L lens

    Hi guys.. Wanted to ask a question, which may sound stupid to most cannoners.. Hehe.. What exactly does the Lens code on the L-Lens?? :dunno: Saw ppl putting it in BnS saying that their lens code is UTxxx etc.. Many thanks for the help!
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    Reasonable price??

    Just bought a kenko skylight filter 1A from one of the shops in chinatown for $50... Is it a good deal? Cant help but feeling weird about the price i'm paying for it.. :think: May i know what's the estimated price other shops are selling at?
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    shooting in geylang

    Went to geylang to took some pix just now, was happily snapping away till got stop by a pimp who uses his hand to cover my lens.. :angry: Anyone has such experience there before? It's a pity not being able to take pix of those small alleys, as it's what geylang's all about.. Perhaps we...
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    Wanna Confirm~~

    Just wanna comfirm, to shot fireworks in bulb mode, the remote controller is called Remote switch (RS-60E3) right? Dont wanna buy the wrong stuff.. :bsmilie: Anyone can recommend any place that's selling it at reasonable price? A milliOn thanks!!:sweat: By the way mine's a 350D
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    drY box

    Just bought a 350D and now thinking of getting a dry box.. Can anyone recommend? i saw those 20plus nikon dry box selling at some camera shops, are they reliable and practical? :dunno:
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    What exactly is IR photography?? And how to achieve that effect??

    Hi clubsnappers.. I'm a newbie in photography, and would like to find out more about ir photography. Can anyone tell me how's the effect achieve? Saw the photos took by others and it's very nice.. :bsmilie: