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    WTB: Others - Sunpak CA-1AF

    Advertisement Category: Want To Buy (WTB) Equipment Type: Others Equipment Brand: Sunpak Equipment Model: CA-1AF Budget (S$): You quote Description: Looking for the Sunpak CA-1AF module. Any brother / sister have one for sale? Please PM me the price asked. Thank you. Real Name: Choon Yong...
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    Sunpak Service Center?

    Greetings...any bro/sis here know where to service Sunpak flash? I've got a flash gun spoilt, need to sent for servicing. TIA :)
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    Sunpak Service Center?

    Dear bros and sis, can shed a light on where to go to repair a Sunpak flash? My 20 years old Sunpak Auto 555 needs some repair on the connectors....:(. TIA...
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    Any bro / sis here knows what happened to the itrade rating? Just bought something from the buy/sell and would wish to update the seller's itrade, but couldn't seems to find it even in the seller's profile. Or is it that my posting is too low to update itrade for my seller?:confused::confused...
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