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    WTSell: Lens - Nikon AF-S DX 12-24mm f/4G IF-ED

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Lens Equipment Brand: Nikon Equipment Model: AF-S DX 12-24mm f/4G IF-ED Price (S$): 1100 Description: Have been keeping this in the dry box since I gave up my hobby. As good as new, with box and lens hood. Also with Tokina MC UV...
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    WTSell: Flash - Nikon SB800

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Flash Equipment Brand: Nikon Equipment Model: SB800 Price (S$): 450 Description: Finally decided to let go all of my photography equipment due to work commitment. First item to let go would be my great condition flash. (SB800)...
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    Who left this here ?

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    Who left this here ?

    It's been a while since my last posting here, shoot this last weekend at SBG. Would like to share with all, comments are welcome.
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    Missing in action seller...

    I've bidded for a lens recently at the BS section and bid at the last two minutes before the closing of 2359hrs as stated by the seller. It's been three days liao the seller MIA already. PMed also bo chap, email also boey sai. :dunno: . Wonder why no news leh. No satisfied with the price...
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    My Take @ BigWalk

    Inspired by some of the good shot, here's mine for your viewing pleasure. :cool: #1 #2 #3 #4
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    Refreshing Take

    Took this at my hometown.... #1 Refreshing #2 Partners #3 Reaching the Sky
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    Spider From Ubin

    Here are some of the spider's catch of the day... Constructive comments are most welcome.. # 1 Catch of the Day.. # 2 Ta Pau # 3 Nice Pose ?
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    Pulau Ubin Invasion... (Show Them All Here !)

    Hi all, Think this should be another hot thread in Pana group.... Let shows what you got here... Start the ball rolling... # 1 Ta Pau and eat ! # 2 Still Like This Sting To be continue.....
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    Anyone looking for Hoya +3 Close up

    hi all, i'm selling away my Hoya +3 Close up filters. Anyone looking for one ? it's 62mm thread size. The thread can be found here
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    D2X for RM8500

    hi guys, happens to browse this in one of m'sia thread " Nikon D2X for sale. 12.4-Megapixel D2X Offers Class-leading Combination of High Image Quality, High-Speed and High-Resolution in a Single Camera Body. All-New Wi-Fi Options Include Wireless Remote Camera Control and High Speed Crop...
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    Would like to share some of my sunset attempt during my recent trip to China. Hope you all enjoyed and Merry X'mas.. :) #1 Observed #2 Guide # Sunset
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    My recent trip to China

    Hi all, Would like to share some of the shoots that I've took during my trip. It was a good relaxing trip, took only about 700+ photos and here are some of them. Hope you all enjoy it. :) My Recent China Trip
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    FZ10 Lens Hood and petal hood

    hi all, my friend is going to Taiwan next week and coming back end of this month, I can ask him to help me to get the lens hood for me, anyone interested in getting the lens hood from Taiwan can send PM to me. The price of the hood is around NT1200 if the price is not change. and the petal hood...
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    Golden Drop

    Some condid shot to share. #1 #2
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    First try on butterfly and spider

    Hope you all will like it. #1 #2
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    Lexar SD card offer

    hi guys and girls, saw this wonderful offer from the site. :bigeyes:,102 I just bought mine from eastgear at S$79 :cry: , so if you intended to get more card, this is the time.
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    20D with Kit Lens at KL

    whoa, :bigeyes: , got a quote from a friend from KL the above mentioned is RM5850. Tempting to get one, undecided on a 2nd hand 10D or a new 20D. Also considering the D70, can't sleep alreadi, keep thinking. :cry: Anyone, how's the feel on the 20D ah ?? :dunno:
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    First Outdoor potrait shoot with my FZ10

    This is my first outdoor shoot last Sunday, did not know what and how to shoot at first, never expect outdoor shoot to be this tiring , but do pick up quite a bit of tips. Hope you all will like it, and all constructive comments are most welcome. Me newbie leh, be gentle on your comments OK...
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    My First Outing with friends at Jurong Bird Park

    Here are some of my humble shoot, I know I still have a lot to learn :D , but still all comments are welcome. :) #1 orchid #2 lalang #3 waterfall
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