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    Any Dynax 7 & SIGMA 15-30mm Owners Here?

    Hi All, I recently acquired the SIGMA 15-30mm EX lens, and would like know if any of you Dynax 7 owners have had anything to share about your own combination of Dynax 7 body and this 15-30mm lens, such as sharpness, distortions, and such like? I understand there is some fair amount of...
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    Where to buy SIGMA 12-24mm EX DG for Minolta

    Hi People, I am very keen in the SIGMA 12-24mm lens but am also taking seconds glances at the 15-30mm model for Minolta. Can anyone tell me where I can get to buy these two lenses at reasonable prices? I heard a lot about the 12-24mm being NEW and not in Singapore yet, but someone in this...
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    AGFA 200 HDC color negs

    Hi All & Greetings to Seniors, I recently bought a batch of AGFA color print films, rated at 200, and went shooting both outdoors in late afternoon lights, night shoots ( long exposures ), and indoors using a dedicated flash gun. My systen is a Dynax 7 and the flash is the 5600SH. Lenses are...
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    Camera's Operating Temperature

    Hi All, & Greetings to Seniors, I read in both Owner's Manuals of my Dynax 7 & 800si, that the cameras will and can be operated within these temperature ranges : -20C to 50C ( that's pretty much like in the Sahara under shade at 50C ). Are these claims by the manuals, credible ? Or do I...
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    Minolta : 50mm f-1.4

    Hi All, & Greetings to Seniors, Recently got this lens ( Min 50mm f-1.4 ), and would like some feedback, comments ( don't hold back, feel free to be critical ), and why is it so cheap ( S$350.00 ? ). Is this the right price or should be cheaper ? All comments, feedback, remarks...
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    Laies & Gentlemen: Two Questions

    The following are not a total mystery to me - however, I often seek second opinions : 1) How good, is the 800si Minolta body ? 2) Why does the Minolta AF 50mm f-1.4 costs S$350.00 only ? Or could I have gotten it for cheaper ? Well, I look forward to some feedback from you all...
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    What Resolution do I Use ?

    .... the one I made on the eve of last New Year. ( note : crude and corny joke )
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    Is 700si a good Secondary Body to use ?

    Dear All, Greetings to Seniors, I am about to go pick up a second body as backup - so feel free to give me your feedback on the 700si, which I feel is what I have set my eyes on. Regards, CJ
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    Bags that Don't Bother Your Nerves

    Dear All, & Greetings to Seniors, I recently had to go buy a backpacer Lowe, because my ol shoulder-style Lowe gave me a numbed right arm, and tingling fingers fr two weeks or so. Doctor's advice - don't carry anything one sided too long. Or is it my age ??? So, comments please on the use...
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    3rd Party Lenses

    Hi All, Greetings to Seniors, I think, if one's pockets are deep enough - then nothing but the orginals will do. However, I do so have just a few deep pockets ( though how I wish I have more ), I'd still try and save while I indulge in this hobby - I feel third party lenses are cheaper...
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    Said it Once, I'd Say It Again....

    HOT AS HELL ! The weather is so HOT - I can't seem to find my mood to shoot ! Excuse me all... Regards, CJ
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    Advise / Comments on SIGMA 50-500mm APO

    Hi Al & Greetings to Seniors, I am considering the above lens, and would like some expert feedback on its quality and performance. Your kind information will be much appreciated. Regards, CJ
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    Distance as a Tool

    Hi All again, About not being seen... How about this : I go buy that SIGMA 50-500mm APO lens, then go hide somewhere and blast em from half a mile away? Regards, CJ
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    How to not appear CONSPICUOUS when Candid Shooting in Streets of SG

    Hi All & Greeings to Seniors, How can I not look conspicuous with a bulky SLR with verticle grip and zoom lens and a large Lowe bag by my side ? I don't understand why people in SG here are so camera shy, or photographer unfriendly. I'd like to know if shooting candid shots of people is...
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    Cash Expended

    Hi Everyone & Greetings to Seniors, I am not rich, neither am I poor. So, just average with some tendency to save a big wad - and splurge. My recent investment in photography equipment since April came to around S$4,000.00. I wouldn't kill myself, but I think my wife or mom might... if...
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    A Curiosity - Which Hopefully Does Not Kill

    Hi All & greetings to seniors, It crossed my mind that I have read somewhere - in one of those rediculously priced photo mags - that one can effectively substitute studio phot0flood heads with a 300-500w garden floodlamp. Is this possible ? If it is, I found a hardware store that sells...
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    Any Buddy in West ?

    hi All, & greetings to seniors, I was wondering - anyone living in Jurong West Extension area mind joining me in burning some night shots in and around Nanyang area ? - I'm targetting Nanyang CC building. Looks rather pretty by night with all the lightings. And traffic trails...
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    Covering Shooting Locations

    Hi to All, Greetings to Seniors. The list of places to shoot can potentially go on endlessly. But what erks me is - how do we get to these places ? Public transport ?? How else of course. But, it would be rather unproductive, and achingly slow and time will be consumed by travelling...