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    A Friend

    Just some photos i took for a friend.. first time doing portraits...pls give your comments.. thanks :)
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    Food For Thoughts

    comments anyone?? ;)
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    Olympus E1 group gathering

    Hi there fellow E1 users.. being a small group of ppl who took the first plunge into the 4/3 systems.. I'm now suggesting a gathering... we can meet up for some shooting and maybe discussions.. wat do u guys think?? ;)
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    WTS palm tungsten T2

    Item: Brand New tungsten T2 Price: $680(price revised) Name: Bernard Tel: 97727146 E-mail: Condition Of Item: a brand new tungsten t2(unfilled warrenty), box, manuals, crade, stylus and watever it came with Accessories/Complete Package/Warranty: comes with a...
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    Eh adam...u free to organise seed now rite? holidays watz...anyway, i have taken the initiative and organised the next seed...a bit rush last 'SEED' before going to tekong next thursday morning ;) anyone interested?? This Thursday, 6th of June 2002, same time(6.30+), same...
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    Chinese Street Opera

    Chinese opera at bugis...btw, I dun know anyone, jus happen to be passing by ;) second pic..... comments anyone?? :)
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    eh i m no hero or wat...jus maybe trying to suggest a day where all of us can meet..hmm...anyone interested to meet up this wednesday?? same time...same place.... fundee?? keito?? zhapchit?? megaweb?? tomshen?? ninja?? andre?? klause?? kianern?? ziploc?? all are welcome to join...
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    B&W Photography

    hi jus started out with b&w photography...any recommendations where i should go to fro developing and printing???hmm...well, pls try to include address if possible...thanks~ :)
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    Lens for minolta 700si

    Hello guys, jus got a minolta 700si body, wonder if any minolta brothers can share ideas on wat would be a good lens to purchase for this body...btw, first time using minolta. was looking at the Sigma 28-135mm F3.8-5.6 DL Aspherical IF Macro. Is this a good lens? How much would it cost? btw, my...