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    Asterix goes hiking on the Great Wall

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    UPDATED: New Season II: Bikini Shootout - 16 Dec, SUN

    hoping to join this shoot but cannot due to the timing. i hope Producer will post more photos of Qiwen after the shoot. hehehe....................
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    punggol 10 nov

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    Adobe® Premiere® Elements 4

    may i ask: is for my own viewing and i do not distribute, is still illegal to convert to the format i prefer for my viewing? thanks.
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    Adobe® Premiere® Elements 4

    Hi All, Can this software do these: 1.) transfer/import DVD movies disk contend to 3gp or MP4 ? for viewing in mobile phone on the plane. 2.) i mostly shot video on my mobile phone, can i edit directly using 3gp format? 3.) transfer window medium player file to 3gp? Please recommend me a...
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    Cycling cum photography

    on 28 july 07 at 7.30am, i am going to cycle by the river side from merlion park to where zouk is, then cycle to the opposition bank and back to durain. we can stop along the way to take pictures. by the way i am cycling on a small folding bike. anyone interested to join me or any suggestion.
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    List of Ricoh owners in Singapore

    Caplio GX100 1. xtemujin 2. parchiao 3. howie 4. 5. Caplio GR Digital 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
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    Any Ricoh GX100 user out there?

    maybe we should organise a gathering for gx100 user to share experience on using this camera. how about this coming saturday or sunday at arab street off beach road. any suggestion?
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    Tripod on plane?

    Hi, do airline allow passenger to hand carry tripod into the carbin? most of the time i put teh tripod inside my luggage and check in, but this time i only travel with a small carrying bag and nothings to checkin. If not allow any solution or suggestion? many thanks.
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    Any Ricoh GX100 user out there?

    yup is a nice place, been there 3 times at different season. not sure this time i will go again.
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    Any Ricoh GX100 user out there?

    Just bought my at CP yesterday (the firmware is 1.14). Immediately i head to the singapore river to test shoot. this one come with the sofn case which can fit with the VF attached. coming saturday i will head to chengdu for a week holiday this will give the GX100 a good test.
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    Any Ricoh GX100 user out there?

    please help on this issue before i get my gx100. many thanks. when set at 24mm and attach with a 43 mm polariser filter, will it vieggnet? is MS still having offer, if not where is the best place to get the gx100? thanks.
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    Any Ricoh GX100 user out there?

    Please tell me how to do IR on the GX100. thanks.
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    Any Ricoh GX100 user out there?

    I know AP and CP, but not MS. can somebody please tell me the full name of MS and address. Many Thanks.
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    Any Ricoh GX100 user out there?

    hehehe i want to get poisoned, but............please help me on this:which mm of polaraliser can fit to GX100? what is the smallest aperture when set to wide angle? Many Thanks.
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    WEB design book?

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    digital wallet

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    AA battery charger in car

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    Where to RENT SM card