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    Finally made the switch.

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    H2 discontinued?

    I went to MS colour last evening and the salesman say the DSC H2 discontinued already!? :( Only the H5 available now. Was he pulling my leg? H2 still available anywhere else ?
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    Sigma APO 50-150 mm F2.8 EX DC HSM Specs: 770 gram. Compatible only with APS cameras. Compatible with Sigma's TC's. Constant 2.8 aperture. 4 special elements for correcting CA. 18 elements in 14 groups. 9 aperture blades. Minimum focus distance: 100...
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    Praise for sigma 70-300 APO DG

    Just a comment on the sigma. I remember some posts abt the sigma 70-300 APO DG macro some time back. I borrowed it from my friend for a shoot today to compare with my cheap canon 75-300. I thought my 75-300 is a sort of decent lens. Walau! sian.. The sigma is really good. In fact the sharpness...
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    Dead pixel on 300D: anyone faced this before?

    My 300D is getting old now, first dead pixel appear last week. The pixel is white. Exposure time doesnt matter, even with 1/4000s exposure that pixel is white. Have anyone faced this problem here? Can it be repair or fixed in some way? How much does Canon charge to repair this? Obviously no...
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    F30 got no charger?

    I saw from the reviews the F30 got no external charger? Need to put battery in cam and charge? To me this will be a deal breaker. Can we get external charger? I dun want to leave the cam out of the dry box every time I need to charge specially here in Singapore. Fungus colonies will start in a...
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    Finally made the switch.

    Yah, I finally made the move. Over the past weeks I manage to find a used D30 in good cond. This guy was selling with his 70-200L b'cuz he bought the 70-200 IS. Added another EOS-30 body (oso cheap cheap since owner upgrade to 1V already). My trusty old bashed up F90x is sold along with my...
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    What tricks up your sleeve when shooting with flash?

    What do you do to improve your flash lighting? I use a Stofen omnibounce and angle my 550EX slightly up and to the right. At other times, when shooting macro I take it off and use an off camera shoe cord which still gives E-TTL metering. What do you do?