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    Mirror Lens

    Anyone tried using mirror lens before. Read it from popular Photography, seems interesting for a 500mm f/8 that cost around US$100. Here's an example Samyang 500mm f/8 Ultra Telephoto, Manual Focus Mirror...
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    Non Canon BP511 batteries

    I have this non-Canon BP511 battery that I fully charged and place in my 10D. However, the battery indicator always show the lowest. But I can make quite a few shots with it even though the indicator always stay at the lowest. Is this normal or must I start ditching the non-Canon blands.
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    $3500 for D60 ?

    I know this has been asked countless time, but since I can't search "D60" (< 4 chars), please pardon me. I would just like to ask if $3500 w/GST for a D60 is a good price?
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    When I grow up, I will be as handsome as him

    Took this at the place where they filmed the Korean Drama "An Autumn Story", now re-running on Channel U on Sundays afternoon. It was Enxi's house. Anyway, can't crop off the guy standing behind. :)
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    Water falls Newton's Law

    Please comment. Xie Xie.
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    Ferocious guard dog

    The look is worse than the bite. One look could kill you with those 'ahhhhh so cute'.
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    Botak combing hair for botak

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    I have to keep my hair dry

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    Shot in Everland in Korea. The lioness was inches away from my face. Serious, :) .
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    World Cup Stadium

    The world cup stadium in Seoul, S.Korea.
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    Image tank question

    Hi, Just wondering for those with the imagetank, could you like give a gaudge on how long the portable batteries would last? Would appreciate any answers. Thank you.
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    Please comment.
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    2 shots

    This shot on the roof of my car and it was dirty. The yellow stuff is contributed by birds.
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    Help: Something stuck in the lens

    I got a piece of bogey stucked on the inside len of my G2. I don't know how it got there, but is there anyway to get it out? It does not look like fungus to me. Must we pay for these type of things to be removed? I tried all sort of things, shake shake a bit, mental concentration, everything. It...
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    Skull flower

    Thought that this flower was weird- they look as if they have a skull in it.
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    Need help with these

    Need help with the composition of these 2 pictures other than them being too overly exposed. I just thought they do not look right. It was a very very very hot day at the Sembawang beach. (PS. Thought of putting it in the critique corner but guidelines say 1 picture :) )
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    Is it possible to shoot ligthnings with a DC

    Just happens there was a thunderstorm this afternoon and tried to capture the ligthnings of the approaching storm. Made about 200 shots of the dark clouds and the horizon but got nothing. See lightnings, too late and heck I am no good at predicting when lightning will strike. I have a G2. :dunno:
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    One of the corridor in Temasek Poly.