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    Nokia Celebrate 40yrs - giving out 600,000 GBP

    For what I know, those canto speaking folks won't be conned becos they have the say that there ain't any big fat frog jumping in the middle of the road for you to catch. But come to think of it, who are those who have got 30k or 50k in ready cash to pay those con-men? For sure, I would have...
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    Life Span of a Lens.

    Many folks thinks that mechanical parts do not fail so easily compared to electronics. It is only true to a certain extent. Mechanical parts fail thru wear and tear, especially those plastic gear. Well lubricated metal parts can last helluva long time. However, for electronic parts, it...
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    Happiness - in Singapore?

    And this sounds and looks very chim to me. I saw lots of happy faces in an average restaurant like Long Beach with lots of laughter. Next thing, guess what? The happiest place on earth - Disneyland. Well, up to you to believe it or not.
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    Seriously, Who will make you cheat?

    Life as a rich, famous or well know person could be quite lonely and very restricted. They cannot walk around any shopping centres without being noticed. Or go to cinema or have some fun in a pub or whatever la. For that matter, they may not have many friends or buddy to bond with. That is...
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    Seriously, Who will make you cheat?

    A teapot can serve 3 cups. Do you take tea from different teapots into a cup and have rojak tea? Now, except for Muslims, we are all suppose to practice monogamy. In the old days, Kings and Loyalities could have concubines, Harlems etc. In recent times, we remember Bill Clinton...
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    Why the "equipment" question?

    Yeah, it is the size that counts - like the phallic symbol.:devil:
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    Exposure question - How do you explain this paradox?

    Most of the time, the camera does a good job in deciding the right amount of exposure. In case of extreme lights, we need to do some exp-com to get what we want. Well, some cameras does it better than others. Some cameras would try as far as possible not to clip to be on the safe side...
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    flash photography and skin tones

    If you wanna to be precise, there is also a diff between the face and other parts of the body skin tone becos of the face got make-up. No matter how good the make-up or how light the make-up, there is still some visible difference. And when you pixel peep, it is even more obvious. :think:
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    Tripod Socket Stripping

    Hahaha, I think there are 2 aspects to this. If you're a pro, earning money out of it, and work your gear on a daily basis, then, by the time the socket thread strip due to wear and tear, either get it replaced or repaired. Fully depreciated liao. If you're an amateur, it would probably...
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    Best Service Centre - Lenovo

    So far, I have been seeing folks complain about poor service in camera shops, bad service at the service centres for photo gear, etc. But, I would like to praise the Service Centre for Lenovo - I brought my colleague there for a keyboard problem of the notebook. We arrived after lunch...
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    Starting a Restaurant/Bistro/Cafe

    Never go into a business when you're not familiar with it. What do you know about the F&B business. Have you been working in a resto before, or managed an outlet before? Not every stall in the typical food court makes money. Do some survey. Sit down during lunch time and count the number...
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    How to become a Senior Member?

    Good that membership is kept simple here.:thumbsup: I know there is one society that has got this kind of hierarchy: New Member Member Competent Member Accomplished member Distinguished Member Grand Master And then, Karate, Taekwando have their own system of grading. and yet...
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    Rain & Wing

    Looks good to me. Like the colours in most of the shots. :thumbsup:
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    Studio with Rain + Wing

    Nice try. Could have used wider angle lens to get full body shots so as to give more variety to the poses and shots. That would show the models great figure to boot.
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    [Emptyform] Private Room Series: Our Story (I) - Happiness (Rain & Wing)

    Pretty enjoyable to look at. But, the poses suggest lesbian, although you confirm they ain't.
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    Candleghost Photoshoot on 16 Jan 10

    I enjoyed browsing thru your pic. But, that reminds me of what somebody said, "Big Man, small camera" :bsmilie: LOL
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    6 x 6

    Just that the dress is simply too distracting. Apart from that, good job.
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    Now my 24-70 F2.8 also needs barrel replacement

    Some of the oldies, but goodies fully mechanical lenses without any electronics in it like those MF lenses - some almost 20yr old still being sold at TCW. Modern lenses, with complex zoom mechanism, lots of electronics for AFS, VR - not made to last. But Tamron gives 6yr warranty in the...
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    Dedicated to: I <> SHE FROM GUANGZHOU ( I ) < RAIN & WING >

    There are quite a few who have posted both studio and outdoor pics. I would like to think that the look and the result would turn out to be pretty similar. The reason being in a studio setting, the lights are set to have the aperture fixed at F8 on ISO100. And then, WB at flash. But from...
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    Is she a good ambassador?

    Well, Espire aspires to be the No 1 sooner or later. Durex has been up there. Durex doesn't need to do any promotion. Durex used to be Made in England, but we call it French cap. However, the French calls it the English cap.:bsmilie: Wonder where Espire is made. :think: Promoter...
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