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    International Day of the Deaf photo competition

    Details at Closing date 1 Aug 2009. Note participation is open only to deaf or hard of hearing persons. Selected photographs will be exhibited outside the Gallery Theatre at National Museum of Singapore on Monday 21 Sep '09.
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    Captivating what area is critique to be sought? Seeking feedback mainly on composition. Even though the bird was caged I did not want to risk scaring it off and kept a distance. Yet I wanted the subject to sufficiently occupy the frame to reveal its different textures. The tail was placed off frame...
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    Miniature Schnauzer X (crossbreed) portraits

    Just some favourite shots of my 4yr old dog. Other than the first taken with Nikon 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G, the rest were on 50mm 1.4.
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    Kindness in the void of life

    Kindness in the void of life.
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    Chinatown attractions

    Personally I like this photo because of the different layers and levels of detail, and the man's curiosity attracted by something known only to him. HP5+ ISO800
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    Chinatown ice cream hawker HP5+ ISO800
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    Shine Motocross 2007

    SHINE MOTOCROSS 2007 @ *scape Date: 30th June 2007 (Saturday) Venue: *scape Field (next to Orchard Cineleisure) Time: 10am – 10pm Programme Highlights: 8.30am–10am : Registration & briefing of race riders 10am : Opening of Event & Start of...
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    Preferred film for street photography (available light)

    Just wanted to have a simple rough poll to see locally what B&W films are popular in usage. The poll can't capture everything, especially different ISO preference within the same brand of films, and I probably missed out other brands available in Singapore. Hope there'll be some open sharing...
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    Shopkeeping in Little India

    A businessman tends to matters in his quaint little shop.
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    Lose weight now

    This photo is not the result of digital manipulation, picture scanned and shown as is :)
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    Kueh Tutu stall

    嘟嘟糕 hawker preparing the cakes.
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    Indian food stall

    Food stall around Arab street area.
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    Hi, am diving into B&W film processing and a bit confused over the re-use of chemicals. Am I right to say working solutions of developers, stop-bath, and fixer can generally all be reused (except single use types)? Should one be more careful about the strength of developer and fixer? I have...
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    Rowell Road street scene

    A street scene of Rowell Road. It was interesting to find 2 persons playing chess out in the hot sun and others standing or sitting around in various poses. Certainly a colorful place worth visiting again for street photography.
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    Guitar man

    A relaxed afternoon scene at Esplanade area. Uncropped photo.
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    Bare sleep

    This picture was taken around Bugis area one late evening after most stalls had closed for business. The sleeping figure caught my attention as he seemed contented with the bare necessities for sleep. There is no feeling of insecurity out in the open as he has no possessions to worry about. The...
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    If the shoe fits

    To buy or not to buy?
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    Malt candy lady

    What can one buy for a dollar these days?
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    Night Angel

    Caught this little "angel" as I was walking along Queen Street and on the last frame of film. It looked serene under the full moon.
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    Shutter speed mechanisms

    Was wondering how are shutter speeds set on film cameras. How does the mechanism work in terms of counting down the time? And if the shutter is cocked, will it matter to leave it unfired for a long time or should it be fired off as soon as possible? I can't seem to find the information on...
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