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    WTSell: Lens - Nikon AF-S DX 12-24mm f/4G IF-ED

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Lens Equipment Brand: Nikon Equipment Model: AF-S DX 12-24mm f/4G IF-ED Price (S$): 1100 Description: Have been keeping this in the dry box since I gave up my hobby. As good as new, with box and lens hood. Also with Tokina MC UV...
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    WTSell: Flash - Nikon SB800

    You can SMS me at 93807806 if you are interested.
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    WTSell: Flash - Nikon SB800

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Flash Equipment Brand: Nikon Equipment Model: SB800 Price (S$): 450 Description: Finally decided to let go all of my photography equipment due to work commitment. First item to let go would be my great condition flash. (SB800)...
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    Trip to Sydney Australia (Need help)

    Been there few times and still got excited by the photo opportunity. Places mentioned above is a must go.
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    Who left this here ?

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    Dwarf Crow at Ubin

    Hey brudder, showing your usual stuff again. :) Sorry for not being able to join you at the Ubin. Next time if it's not offshore can let me know, wish to learn from you.. ;p My pick is #2, well taken. show us more..
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    25th Feb pics to share

    Hi Mendis, I like the #1 and #3, wish the #2 is in portrait. This would be more dramatic( I guess). Cheers.
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    Need help in Photoshop

    I guess your camera is 4:3 format like my FZ10K, I'll just crop it to 3:2 which is easier to me. ;p
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    Need help in Photoshop

    Hi Phillip, Where have you been ? :dunno: Long time no see leh. Ok, me also newbies hor. Here what I do, first, you do what ever you wanted to do with your photo first, (I mean process) and then apply the canvas. This step is more tricky as you wanted it to be 4"X6" or 6"X4", you have to give...
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    Who left this here ?

    No problem at all, I was hesitating for a while where should I post it too. :bsmilie: Thanks. No, he's busy chewing the leaf. :sticktong Thanks for viewing. Hi CY, glad this works better. Thanks for the pointer. :) It definately know what's that, just wonder it belongs to who ...
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    Who left this here ?

    It's been a while since my last posting here, shoot this last weekend at SBG. Would like to share with all, comments are welcome.
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    Red Alert : KT needs our help ~!

    Sorry to hear that fren. Wish your equipment will be back by Christmas. Anyway, I've informed some forumer at Malaysia as well. :)
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    AFS-VR 70-200mm f2.8 G lens available

    Oh, is that so ? I've seen more then five of them hanging around at Lords at Lucky Plaza wor. James still ask me who say this lens is out of stock.:bsmilie:
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    PSS Outing on 11 Sept

    Hi MissDi, I like this one.. "We travel, initially to lose ourselves; and we travel, next, to find ourselves."
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    PSS Outing on 11 Sept

    All to meet up the PSS at the time specified and they will lead you to a place to shoot. As for the location...:nono: , will only be release to you when you are there. :bsmilie: . Normally it will end at around 10+ to 11am, depends on the lighting and weather. Subject ? did you see the...
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    Mo #2: Flash Bracket

    No. Nick Bracket(qty) ======================= 01 Big Belly straight-type(1) c-type(1) 02 LarryYan C-Type (x1) 03 John Teoh Z-type (01) 04 awongkk C-Type (01) Had emailed you.
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    Uni-throw Flash Extender - 24 sets ONLY!!

    :vhappy: Yippee, thanks so much chii. :lovegrin:
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    Uni-throw Flash Extender - 24 sets ONLY!!

    Hi Sulhan, Whoa, miss this one liao. :cry: if there's any chance that you have more than 22, I'm interested in getting one or if anyone decided to give this one a miss, I'm glad to take over. :)
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    Mini-PLUG on 10th of July 2005 (sunday)

    Public forums are like that, people come and go. When they stay here for too long, they bound to feel a bit bored and find other places to hang on to. But.. We will be back
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    D70 Primer/FAQ

    Upz for newbies, oldbies, D70-ies and future owners of the D70... :) Please suggest more relevant and useful threads or subject headings... I've PMed the Nikon forum mods about making this a sticky, but no response... D70 Specification: The D70 "underexposure" issue...
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