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  1. kei1309

    You know you're doing something right when all the fanboys have their panties in a twist

    just a few months after one of their own journalists covered the No.1 ranking of Canon in Japan and claiming it represents the whole world... (2018 Japan BCN camera rankings: Canon dominates DSLRs, tops Sony in mirrorless) they suddenly rubbish ranking reports when Sony does the same. Why...
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    wow. Free photography services. where do i sign up?

    Stat board Sport S’pore praises M’sian for photographing SEA Games for passion, free
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    the Sony A9

    anyone here that'll buy the new A9? or is everyone waiting for the rumored A9R/A9S :bsmilie:
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    Sony's local warranty Database

    Just fyi for those who aren't in the know about such things. after i had a chat with a friend who knows about such things (don't ask me how my friend knows) Warranty databases track your purchases and purchase categories, and spending amounts, other than just your date of purchase for warranty...
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    Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (Remembrance Photography)

    Interesting topic Mission To introduce remembrance photography to parents suffering the loss of a baby with a free gift of professional portraiture. Our Work NILMDTS trains, educates, and mobilizes professional quality photographers to provide...
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    Random and even Randomer

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    Uppity Photographer gets it on EDMW (NSFW)

    just stumbled across this post on EDMW: Moral of the Story: look at yourself first before condemning others. i wonder if this person is in ClubSNAP
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    Support call: Help this amazing photo project to survive to die in glory!

    From: Now, where should I start to explain this project… First of all, I know the guys behind the Cubestories project ( I know how they work and how hard it has...
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    99 Common Photography Problems (and how to solve them)

    Came across this article from 2012 at Digital Camera World. and i think it's pretty useful not only for newbies but also those who want to keep on learning what they can in photography 99 Common Photography Problems (and how to solve them)/ here's #1 and you can click on the link above to read...
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    Official Sony A7 or A7r discussion thread (Season II)

    i think we need to tidy up this thread. it's getting too long and other members will need to search through almost 200 pages to find their answers if they're looking for one. where's the TS to close this thread and start a new one?
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    5 Men Every Woman Needs To Meet (But Not Marry)

    5 Men Every Woman Needs To Meet (But Not Marry) By Adelle Waldman Some guys may teach you something, says the author of the riveting novel The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P. That doesn’t mean you need to spend the rest of your life with them. 1. The One Who Never Wanted To Commit -- Until...
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    PlayMemories Mobile

    Starting this thread to discuss this mobile app so that we can share more information with each other. BTW, the app's updated as of yesterday night i think
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    Body Piercings

    How many piercings do you have and where are they located? :bsmilie: let me start :) Total: 8 Location: 3 on my right ear 4 on my left ear 1 on my tongue
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    A7R & A7 User Thread! Let's gather here!

    Guys and Girls! if you've got it, flaunt it! copy and paste the formatting down and keep adding your name in! ILCE-A7R 1. kei1309 2. 3. ILCE-A7 1. 2. 3.
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    Yong Vui Kong spared from the Gallows!
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    Pretty Chinese Graduation Pics cause school's server to crash

    much nicer than our local universities' graduation pics :)
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    New Revolutionary Canon EOS 75D

    from Canon Responds to Revolutionary Sony Full-Frame ILC with The New APS-C EOS 75D Digital SLR Camera Featuring Hyperswivel Technology and More "Designed...
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    "I have a camera so I can take pictures like a Professional"

    This is a real story. i was at a cafe last night reviewing my F1 shots on my A99, and happened to be sharing a table with a friend of mine, who brought along her teenage friend. as i was looking through them, suddenly the teen asked to see my F1 and concert shots. so i passed her my...
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    the next hottest song