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    test upload

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    Sunset today

    Hi all, Just sharing a sunset shot I took this evening. C+C welcome. Thanks.
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    First 3 steps for Colour Correction Workflow

    I do not have a workflow for image processing using CS2. Read an article today and like to share the first 3 steps. Still experimenting if it is good. Maybe PS experts can give comments. Images are converted to 16bits colours and cropped prior to correction and using adjustment layers for...
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    S5 Pro Film Simulation

    Hi all, I am new to FujiFilm and will like to know more about the features of the S5 Pro in greater depth. However, I could not find much info from the internet. I think the number of Fujifilm users may be relatively smaller as compared to Canon or Nikon. Hence, I am thinking that it may be...
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    Red Flower

    A macro shot of flower from my garden.
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    Sunset at Lower Pearce

    Went to snap some sunset shots with newly acquired S5. I liked the colours - no processing done (jpeg from camera).
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    Riding Across Town

    Just something to share. Interesting to see that in some countries, it is more important to keep hair tidy than protect the cranium.
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    Dendrobium, I think

    Last orchid for the day. Anyone interested in orchids in the forum?
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    Orchid Cattleya

    Recent attempt at taking orchids. Comments welcome.
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    Variable aperture of 105mm Micro

    Bought a AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED last week. While using the lens, I found out that the aperture is not fixed at 2.8. I was using aperture priority (D50) but I could not get F2.8 all the time. It depends on the focus distance. If the focus distance further (did not attempt to...
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    Non DX lenses on DSLR

    Hi all, I own a D50 and I am in the process of getting better lenses. I need some advice. I am not sure if Nikon will ever produce a full-frame DSLR and if not, should I avoid non-DX lenses totally? From the reviews I read, the trinity seems to be very good. However, with the 1.5x factor in...
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    Another view of CDB

    Trying out landscape view. I personally think it is better than vertical. May even look better with a border. A lot of distortion due to using a wide angle lens. Can this be easily corrected using PS Elements 3? Please comment. Thanks.
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    Took this exposure this morning. Was fortunate enough to capture a contrail too. Please comment. Thank you all. Happy New Year to all CSers.:)
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    Shot using Lensbaby 2.0

    Got my new lens today and took this shot straight away. Think it is out of focus. Composition not too good too. Just want to share my new investment with everyone. Will definitely explore how to take better pictures with this manual lens. P.S. - 2 thumbs up to sgdavid for the sale...
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    Big Hand, Small Hand

    Saw this in a book and decided to try it myself. Harder to do than I thought. Difficult to ask a 4-year old to stay still while I focus and then use self-timer to take the shot. I am not a professional - just enjoy taking photos of my family. Difficult to find a style and inspiration...
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    85mm f/2.8 PC Micro Nikkor

    Anyone using (or had experience with) the 85mm f/2.8 PC Micro Nikkor lens? Looking to buy a Macro lens and did some research in the internet. Seems to be a good lens but I think got 2 personal disadvantages. 1. Price - understand the lens is hard to come by and very costly. 2. Ease of...
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    Big Thoughts in a Small Pool

    Hi all, This is my first post in ClubSnap. Please provide comments on composition and any other areas. Thanks.