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    Product Photographer needed

    Hi I have sent you an email . . . Jay @ 90099955
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    How Should Student Photographers Charge?

    I find that people coming to this forum to get the cheapest rate in town for photography and people offering that 'Best' rate. As much has been said, we can't stop people from doing so . . . i only want to tell this people (either clients or the people holding the camera) to RESPECT THE...
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    How should an amateur photographer charge?

    Hi all . . . As DSLR are getting cheaper (or rather people are getting richer, whichever way . . . ), there will be more of freelance photographers who are all out to shoot and gain experience. And definitely more people with DSLR got nothing better to do and don't mind shooting even free...
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    Newbie macro shooting

    We normally don't use the 'reflector' in our flash cos it is kind of small for our use. Hence we normally buy or DIY ourselves. You can place the touchlight at the sides or below if it is hindering you on top . . . and here comes your creativity in the world of macro setup. There is no right...
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    The fly

    wow . . . simply loves the colour . . .
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    Newbie macro shooting

    Congrat on your virgin shots and post . . . lovely . . . first few a bit dark on my computer. I especially like the spider; can see the web . . . hope to see you again . . .
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    Nature macro photography

    Go to the 'Gathering and Outing' Section in this forum. You will find some macro outing organised by some seniors here. Best to learn from them . . . I am still using 50mm with Raynox. Having problem focusing in the beginning but after awhile you will get use to the system. Macro to me...
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    LIFE Art of Tung Yue Nang (aka Tungtong)

    Full support . . . i will bring all my Kaki . . . :heart: Oh . . . can i have your signature too ? :D