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    Japan Trip 2009

    Very Nice series. I like the flowers very much :). Great work. The other photos have colours which are done up nicely. :thumbsup:
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    NIce shots.. but how???

    I dont tink he is using tripod as said in ur first post, he is using 1/250 and at 60mm. At tt focal length and shutter speed, i dont tink he would require a tripod.
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    Need opinion on these 2 cameras

    If u are asking about specifications, you can look at Image quality I cant really advise, there is only a review for the prosumer G7. As for A640, I dont tink there will be any reviews for it. Best if u try the cameras out yourself. If not...
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    Getting a Bare 6500fd without freebies.. Need some advise on things to get n where..

    For the xDcard and battery charger with batteries, Your right about holding up till sitex comes or after it. You will probably find better deals. As for the lowepro bags, you can get them at Cathay photo in penisular plaza. u can refer to this thread for a rough price guage...
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    Getting a Bare 6500fd without freebies.. Need some advise on things to get n where..

    Hmm. If the price difference is $200.. Personally, I will definitely go with your friend from Fuji. If i do a direct comparison, 1)tripod from HV probably cost <$50 (i predict about $30), if u are intending to get tt standard of tripod, you can head down to K13 at penisular plaza(2nd lvl)...
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    Getting a Bare 6500fd without freebies.. Need some advise on things to get n where..

    Maybe you want to state the package tt harvey normad is offering? So tt we can roughly breakdown the cost of the items? And maybe include the warranty period of HV? are u intending to get extended warranty or(cuz if i am not wrong, HV got extended warranty and its sounds good)? And your...
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    If you want cheap solution, but not so nice effects. You can use photoshop the photos to get your effect, but it probably be inferior as compared to better lens and using a polariser. As for the more expensive solution, you can make use of a circular polariser for bluer sky, but it depends on...
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    Digital Compact camera recommendation

    Personally, I tink maybe you can try out Fuji's F31fd. Or maybe Fuji's range with superccd. Cause you have been using DSLR which has a large sensor for low noise and if you are quite particular about image, the image quality on the superccd is better. This lessens the transition from a DSLR...
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    fungus in the lens, What to do?

    Just wondering whether you have checked how bad the fungus affects the image quality? If it is not tt bad, maybe u can sell it at a lower price in the B&S section and state it is a fungus lens. Maybe someone can put it to better use.
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    Actually... How nice is defined by a yourself. How nice you want, you should put it subjectively. And photography is more about technique, not simply equipment. Unless u are talking about sharpness & colour vibrancy. Maybe you can start by purchasing L lens for a start? ;p
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    The End of Kodak High Speed Infrared (HIE) Film

    Icic. Thanks for your enlightment. So i suppose locally Film IR is "dead", unless import from overseas.
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    The End of Kodak High Speed Infrared (HIE) Film

    Hi ppl. I am real curious with IR film photography. Dont mind i can ask something stupid? Izzit required to use IR films with R72/IR filter to get infrared effects? Or will any film do with R72 filter? And can advise what are the film available to SIngapore market? OnLY Rollei IR...
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    do i buy home or away

    Maybe you can take a look at the specifications and maybe review for S8000fd Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18 And go down to have a look at the camera and view the features functions and maybe print out...
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    Where to buy S6500fd?

    Just a little OT. Are all these retailers not stocking on S6500? Or they just dont have the stock? May I know roughly what is the current local first hand market price too ? :D. Thx alot for the help.
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    Singapore Fireworks Celebrations 2007

    Thanks For information. Just wondering whether this event replaces the Singapore Fireworks Festival? :) Thanks
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    Canon 30D vs Canon 350D vs Nikon D80

    Good point :thumbsup: Very useful indeed. Just buy wat u can afford ba... Most importantly is still back to whether u know how to use ba... The camera is just a tool to help u ease ur work.. But actually it tends to make u lazy. ;p. Last time people also can shoot sports with manual focus...
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    Sitex 2006 - S'pore Expo 30 Nov - 3 Dec

    Those interested in getting a Maha MH-C204W 1-Hour Worldwide Travel Conditioning Charger at $49.90 with 30 months of DM card subscription... Maybe can look at this Got such features.. Ramp-up Rapid Charging Top-off...
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    Which Canon DSLR and lens should an amateur pick? Please recommend!

    Hmm... On sat I checked with CP. He said tt the D40 will be in only in next yr. So I tink the sitex show will most prob not have D40.. Hope this helps. (Personally I wont choose the D40.. Looks like a kiddy camera if u are doing shoots.. ;p.) If u mount a SB800 on it.. It most prob...
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    Gather young and newbie

    Nice to meet everyone on Sat. The outing was quite enlightening indeed for a nub like me.. Weather was dead hot sia. Hope everyone is fine from it. My photos are quite bad sia but i only take very few <25. Lolz. Only got 2 still decent. ;p. Do put up the link if u have created the thread...
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    Question about the EF 50mm F1.8 II

    You should resize your picture... It is way to big -_-!. Maybe 600 x 400?