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  1. RezzShaz

    Rain sleeve

    optech rain sleeve..... use them in my trip to victoria falls last year. good for "splashes" and drizzle, not sure bout heavy downpour...
  2. RezzShaz

    Lowepro Bags from Orient Photo

    when they misquoted at a lower price......
  3. RezzShaz

    question on carrying dslr on plane

    BTW what flight u taking? Budget flight might have certain restrictions....
  4. RezzShaz

    buying lens and flash

    individual bro......u can't compare everyone as the same......
  5. RezzShaz

    buying lens and flash

    TK photo, 0% credit card installment.....can't remember which card though.
  6. RezzShaz

    Pop up flash not working

    if it's not working...than it's not normal....
  7. RezzShaz

    LX5 Retail Price as of 12 Jan 2011

    Got mine mine from them too a few days back....same price, same package.
  8. RezzShaz

    Manual Mode

    all settings for manual mode will varies greatly depending on what u shooting ( moving object, stationary, etc) as well as u're shooting condition (indoor, outdoor, etc....) So its very difficult to give pointers on such topic....
  9. RezzShaz

    Photo Editing Software

    familiarise urself with the many free software first before jumping to more complicated editing tools......they are not cheap and to begin with.....
  10. RezzShaz


    10 degrees is ok bro......enjoy ur trip......
  11. RezzShaz

    Waterproof Dry Case for Pentax Kx

    try sgcamerastore....
  12. RezzShaz

    Focusing screen for D700

    looking for one update if got hold of if...
  13. RezzShaz

    Some problem with Dry Cabinet DB-036

    could it be a posibility that u're dry-cabi is the one that broke down in the first place and not the power adapter....just wondering...
  14. RezzShaz

    Where to buy a bag for my camera?

    not too sure why...but personally i always prefer TK than K13, especially now since they move to Funan...
  15. RezzShaz

    Another new lens

    If speed and sharpness is not too much of an issue...then it's a good choice for a walkabout lens especially if when on vacation. ever consider 70-200 f2.8????
  16. RezzShaz

    Trading in of old cameras

    maybe u can try selling at ebay instead, better price than cash converters for sure....
  17. RezzShaz

    Why my new 7D come with Shutter Count 0679 ??

    actually if it was me....i wount rather have a 600+ shuttercount body that perform well than a 60 shuttercount that seize after my first snap., which actually happen to many individuals.... Anyway hope u'll be able to resolve this "issue".....
  18. RezzShaz

    Why my new 7D come with Shutter Count 0679 ??

    Its a birthday present from u're wife rite?.....Say thank you and enjoy taking photographs of her. I sense that she will more upset than u if she realised all this... If there's no actual defect physically and picture qualuty is ok then i guess it should be fine. Take lots of photo and...