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    Best iPad commercial. Period.

    Enjoy... krN1CMlybqw
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    Microsoft Word may not be legal to use? As above, its extracted from CBC News. If Microsoft lose lawsuit, are we then using a perceived pirated software in its early versions? So why are software engineers paid big bugs to do such?
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    Story of the Ant - metaphoric in nature

    I read this story from an online source and hope to share with you all. The Ant A Fable.. Or May Be Not... Every day, a small ant arrives at work very early and starts work immediately.She produces a lot and she was happy. The Chief, a lion,was surprised to see that the ant was...
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    Indonesian girl abuse It really is sick if proven true of the poor model who was abused by the royal family. Somehow, nothing is impossible, but this girl really had the guts to go against the maffia.
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    Is Recycling Good?

    Here is a footage of recycling con from CBS... And here is a a story of how recycling ended up making fake goods and ended up in an F15 fighter jet in the USA...
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    What is that?

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    Malaysian authorities condemn rumoured 'sex party'

    Guys, if you received this party invite, dont fall for it. There will be lotsa men there without an underwear. :bsmilie: ################# KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) - - Malaysian authorities have condemned rumoured plans for a New Year's Eve sex party at a remote beach, while police warned the...
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    Is this a directory search?

    I had been wondering of late. Is Clubsnap a good place to source for info? What happened to google and yahoo search engines? Arent they reliable? We have people asking for hair loss treatment, buying a car, ktv hunt, dog vs parent problems, job seeking, watches queries, insurance blunders...
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    how do we stop spam mail at yahoo?

    as above, i am tired of receiving mails like pen enlargement and breast enhancement gadgets/pills etc... i really hope there is some sanity left in cyberspace.
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    WTSell: DSLR - Canon 1Dmkii

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: DSLR Equipment Brand: Canon Equipment Model: 1Dmkii Price (S$): S$2.4k Description: As above, a 1D Mkii (also known as 1Dmk2) is for sale. This is not a full frame camera as it has a 1.3 crop frame factor. The camera is sold with...
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    2008 Olympics - why some men need to go Enjoy!
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    Holy... The most powerful torch in the world!

    Folks, enjoy... Not for minors though.
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    oki color laser

    Hi folks Can anyone share with me your experience using an oki LED color laser home/office printer? I am contemplating getting color laser, but budget in sub $500 range for general office printing and maybe, if good enough, some A4 sized pix for fun. Need to know the following...
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    Was the 50s your era? Enjoy!
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    Was this true about a chicken farm?

    I chanced upon a link below. I love this fastfood all along. But well, its internet. I feel very disturb learning about this though.
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    TFCD Phtosessions, Experienced Photographers, Token fee given, before 15 March 2007

    TFCD female models also required for the below project as a series of studio sessions are taking place between 5th to 15th March. A token fee may be given in appreciation for participants for TFCD. Guidance will be given during a TFCD shoot. ------------------ Models are required for...
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    Require Paid Models for Studio Photography

    As above, models are required for photography studio sessions. one model per one 2 hr session. Kindly write in with profile with good resolution pix (or url) to: Location: Orchard area, dedicated and existing professional studio MUA: None, self make up Clothing &...
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    Can organiser dissappear with our ca$h?

    Hi CSer, I had been troubled by an organiser of late. I paid for a course in full ($400) 4 months back. Though the course cost $500, he gave me a $100 discount since I paid up front and seemed sincere to him. I applied leave and waited anxiously for it to come. It was postponed, I reapplied...
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    For those who likes to become a reporter one day, try this game. Good luck!