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    IS system VR system

    Can anyone what are the key differences in Canon IS system and Nikon VR system? They seem to serve the same purpose to me.
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    On DX lens

    Just a little question on DX lens with use on DSLR. Does the 1.5 mag factor applies? Meaning 18-70mm becomes 27-105mm on a D70 body?
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    Prime photo lens warranty

    Does anyone know the warranty period gave by prime photo for lens purchase from their shop?
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    consumer corner locked?

    I notice that there is a lock icon for the consumer corner. Why is the column lock?
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    Did you lost your job as a result of outsourcing?

    Just wondering anyone here lost their job as a result of company outsourcing.
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    Draw your own conclusion.... :bigeyes:
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    The most creative website I ever seen! :p :D
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    Speed ratings and buffering

    As I was told... You can pretty much ignore the speed ratings on you CF cards so long as you have a camera with buffering. How true is this?
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    X-rays at the airport

    Can microdrive and flash card get pass the X-ray machines at the airport? Will the X-rays erase all your images?
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    How grammatically sound are u?

    Take the test
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    Ants Ants

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    Insist on a Canon!

    Why do you buy a canon? Any particular reason(s)? Would like to hear some views here.
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    Insist on a nikon!

    Why do you buy a nikon? Any particular reason(s)? Would like to hear some views here.
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    What kinda lenses do I need?

    What is the minimum decent range (Zoom Lense) to shoot birds in order to fill the frame in places like sungei buloh?
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    3rd party teleconverter

    Can someone recomend me a 52mm 2x teleconverter? Which brand is good? Cost how much?
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    Underwater housing for D70

    Where can I buy one? Available in market?