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    Initial D stars are coming to town!!

    I'm a huge Initial D fan. The trueno and the other cars are on display at shaw already ? If so, I'd also like to go down and take a few shots myself. Please confirm ? :) thanks! helloo..wai's photos were taken when we were there in Hong Kong ard 1.5 weeks ago.. the venue was grand century...
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    Mushrooms, doggies and kitties.

    is it a pet shop?
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    Mushrooms, doggies and kitties.

    i like it very much too... good one u have there...~
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    Steven Lim again. Home movie

    yes..juz saw that last sunday... near CK tang~ he was trying to get 2 girls to do eyebrow plucking. :bsmilie:
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    Visiting Hong Kong

    how much? i am looking for cheap cheap hostel to stay, probably <$40 a day may be u can check out when are u going?
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    so random but know where i can get PINGU,PINGI,PINGA toys?

    Most of my pingu stuffs are from Hong Kong, not only these soft toys but also some mini well as pencil cases, etc~ :p hmmmm.. some from my :heart: bf ..the pingus are from taiwan as well as singapore :lovegrin: hmm...*sometimes*, u can find some pingu stuffs at Action City...
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    Sunset @ Lab. Park

    Thanks everyone !!!!!!!!
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    Mitsubishi Evo In Action (animation)

    hmm....I was shooting with a 200mm
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    Mitsubishi Evo In Action (animation)

    :D 8.3fps @ 1/1000 with AI servo tack sharp even view at 100%
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    Mitsubishi Evo In Action (animation)

    2.5MB file, so please be patient while loading :D
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    earthquake again.

    dont have.. serangoon rd here.
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    so random but know where i can get PINGU,PINGI,PINGA toys?

    really??? :bigeyes: ~~so what is the prize?
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    Sunset @ Lab. Park

    how do u get to this park? i know it is near habourfront but never knew how to get there.......
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    A wedding I did recently...

    :eek: WOW! Gavin, great job~ ;p
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    :bsmilie: Yeah....fluttering Flowers......
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    :embrass: thank you hee.. can I call them dancing flowers? ;)
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    wah wai ... :lovegrin: haha...very graceful~ they all look like flowers in full bloom!!! ~ kireii ne!!!!!!~ more more more!!!.. :D
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    The last SFF Carnival Concert

    :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: u tilted ya camera? nice nice wor heee..i like this a lot~ :D
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    Survey: U Boy or Gal???

    I am very sure I am a girl........... :D
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    EOS-20D and two new EF-S lenses

    Look at the trend D30 - $5000+ new D60 - $3800 new ($1200 cheaper) 10D - $2700 new ($1100 cheaper) 20D - $1600??? ($1000 cheaper) :D