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    Sandisk Compact Flash

    i will like 1 piece of 512 mb scandisk compact flash. PM you already. thanks
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    Need pointers for wedding shots!

    bring lots of film , battery, memory card. sleep early, reach early and think more before pressing the shutter... remeber to eat first too.... a hungry photographer cannot perform ....
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    Lens Comparison - 70-200mm f2.8

    fixed lens, brother, fixed lens
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    Planning to switch to Canon

    if you are changing system you should not sell your St and planar 100f2 man!
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    Olympus E10

    any idea how long this promo will last?
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    Olympus E10

    i would also like to know the disadvantage and advantage of supporting or not supporting micro drive? how is the battery life like if EVF is used most of the time. asumiing i have no money to get the battery pack thank you
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    Olympus E10

    can anyone explain what is meant by slow writing speed. lets say, i took a picture via the viewfinder, and i do nto need to view in on the LCD. can i just continue shooting?
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    has anyone bought a Sony F717 in Singapore ?

    how is the cam?
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    Exposure Compensation

    man i am even more confused ... what is your camera model ... what u mean by see two meter in you r camera. is ti inside the view finder?
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    Exposure Compensation

    you will need to understand the film( slide ) canallow only 5 stops (correct if i am wrong) of light and negative has 7-8 stops of light(ccorrect if i am worng) . hence you cannot have everthing at your ideal exposure. hence one way is to cheat by adding artifical light whcih is flash so that...
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    Ultra Wide Zoom Lenses

    20-35 consumer lens ...cannot reember the aperture something like 3.5 -4.5.... that is suppose to be one sharp consumer lens .. camera workshop selling the gray one for 750 ... or look for the second hand one... noramlly you use wide angle for landscape... so no need to pay the extra bucks...
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    Questions: EF 70-200mm f/4L USM or EF 70-200mm f/2.8L USM and why?

    forgot to add the 200 2.8 is black but but the 2x converter is white...
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    Questions: EF 70-200mm f/4L USM or EF 70-200mm f/2.8L USM and why?

    my bet is on the 200 2.8L. was reading this book which say remember that waht you getting is the 70 mm at F4 man!!!! you can easiily get a 84 at 1.8 or 100 f2 for not too expensive price man/.. 2.8 is not always about background blur but hand hold ability. weight is always an issue but...
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    beam me up scotty !

    ya vertical might be better
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    need help on ball head gitzo1377 vs manfrotto 468

    hi guys, need help to choose between these twoball heads... gitzo 1377m or manfrotto 468rc or non rc version price difference between the two are about 10 - 20 dollars... performance are about the same, weight too, but 1377 shorter. my budget is two hundred plus hence arca or foba are out...
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    Alan Photo... :-(

    i think photoguide is very good... and they will give the reasonable price straight i think.... no need to bargain there... i tried even though the price was quite alright and uncle tell me straight that it was cheap already...
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    EOS 5 or EOS 30

    forgot to say the superiority of the 5 is the spot meter ... the 30 got other strengths of course.... --more focusing points.. (but later one will learn that one focusing point is generally more than enough) --- faster AF...( but this in terms of milliseconds) ---- and others which i cannot...
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    EOS 5 or EOS 30

    you can get alot with 1.5k/// when i started out only have less than yours by a lot... you must know waht you wan.. is a flash very important to you.. do you use flash very ofthen.. the money saved on the flash can get you aother lens man.. If you ask me.. i will go for the 5 but...
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    Snapshots of Ppl

    hi, saw the shots of the old people .. may i know what lens did you use and is the film digital?
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    Inspired by Raymond Meeks

    how you do it ... how to do gray scale whot to do radial blurr(darkroom is it) how to do levels?