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    Looking for Digicam and Underwater Housing

    Hi, Looking to rent digital camera + underwater housing for my diving trip on good friday weekend. Open for discussion. Thank you :)
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    any gd things to buy in australia?

    Sort of, heard from my friends some of the stuffz there are pretty expensive so will need to stock up first :D calculators, kettle, etc ?
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    any gd things to buy in australia?

    Besides this, any other stuffs that are expensive in Australia ? Will try to avoid those.. ;) How about clothings ?, toiletries, stationary ? food ?
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    any gd things to buy in australia?

    does anyone know what are the products that are much higher in price then sold in Singapore ? For eg. electronics ? maybe ? please advise
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    Some tips and useful information for A40 user

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    Can an A40 print 8Rs?

    how is the quality like if I just use normal compression instead of Superfine compression for the photos that I print taken from a A40 ? any difference ? not much ? going away on a trip, using 'large' and 'normal' can let me take more pics hehe
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    Which is the profession you dislike most?

    it may be fun to you.. seriously i dont think likewise.... I came into this forum to learn more about photography, not to be make fun at because of the profession.. least expected to be coming from a moderator... so be it with this thread... *sigh*...
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    Which is the profession you dislike most?

    then please tell me how so. there may be a few black sheeps but dont topple the whole boat because of them. :angry:
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    Which is the profession you dislike most?

    social workers can help make a difference in people's lives..
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    photography in winter

    Hi there, Im going away to a winter country too and currently using a A40 canon camera Is A40 sufficient to produce same quality pixs in cold temperatures ? Any different in using digicam in cold conditions ? any other advice besides the above posts ? apologies if my questions are...
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    Why so many shops call snooker as billiard in Singapore?

    if you are talking about 8-ball pool, there are such rules to indicate which pocket u want to pot. I suppose real rule refers to rules set by world pool association or billiard congress of america and yes singapore follow these sort of stupid rules. hey as long as everyone is happy in the...
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    Where can I get music (contemporary) CDs at good prices?

    Chinatown A music stall among the array of stalls, below the hawker centre. hard to find. The prices are between 1 to 2 dollars cheaper compared to other places sorry, forgot the name of the stall. and also not all other stalls sell the same price, in fact they can even be pricier then...
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    Question abt A40

    Hi there, for me, I onl have 2 usb ports. one for modem, one for keyboard I just pluck out the keyboard usb cable and put in the camera cable. After uploading of photos, install KB cable back again. I know.. abit leh-chey.. hehe but its still ok for avg user like me cheers
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    A40's drop in price?

    *faint........* :cry:
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    same here watched it at marina today :) was really surprise it is actually NC-16.. since when censor board start showing 'leniency' ? :D hmm.. IF you are richard gere.. what would u do ???
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    Any one from Singapore Police Force Here?

    Hi royzzz Thanks so much !! :)
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    Any one from Singapore Police Force Here?

    thanks for the opinion, royzzz :) well I did consider police but nonethless I have decided and made my choice. siewsphone> all the best to u in your application. be patient but of course dont forget to keep sending those resumes.. hehe cheers
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    Any one from Singapore Police Force Here?

    yes currently doing a part time degree, grad end of this year. for me, there isnt any particular interest, i must admit its stable and the salary is quite attractive. But this is only a part of the reason. any opinions from anyone working in this area ? appreciate very much
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    Any one from Singapore Police Force Here?

    hi, dug up this old thread as I would like some opinions on the singapore prison force. how is it like being an officer in there ? considering a career out of this and would like some feedback pls. appreciate any help here. Thanks :)
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    How many Canon A40 owners here?

    1. Ling 2. midreef 3. rhw 4. Landes 5. Spidey 6. dbchoong 7. Misato 8. ccmheoa 9. Copland 10. doumyouji 11. xfusion 12. cillin 13. PsychoBoy 14. bearryuji 15. weeguy 16. Yongliang 17. canon 18. GKF 19. lefei 20. Blue078 21. blizzy 22. lufu 23. chiam321...