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    G3 IBook

    Hi, need to upgrade the ram on my Apple G3 ibook but dunno what to buy: sdram or ddr and 133mhz or higher? anyone got experience? I dun wanna get from apple shop cos might be too ex...... :think:
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    Anyone been to the LOTR exhibition?

    Can bring cam in and shoot? anyone got pics?
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    Wow! new goodies from olympus
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    Nikon officially announced D70!

    Product go on sale by march 19 at 150 000 yen!!!
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    Anyone here uses 'NeatImage' or 'GenuineFractals'?

    Are they good?
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    300D got sharper focus after reset in P modes?

    Anyone here tried this?
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    FZ10 offically announced

    4.32 megapixel 12X stabalized zoom. :D
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    Matrix phone in sg?

    Is the samsung matrix phone available in sg? me thinks it has nice industrial design!:cool:
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    Anyone Found a Olympus C2100 ?

    I left it on a taxi :( on sunday at around 11pm. It is in a blue Tamron sling bag.
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    Lost UZI!

    I left my uzi on a cab! Happened on mother's day. So if anyone seen a blue tamron bag with a uzi inside pls contact me.:( I miss it dearly already~
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    Anyone own the 80-400 Vr lens?

    What is the price and is it very sharp?