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    Looking for Digicam and Underwater Housing

    Hi, Looking to rent digital camera + underwater housing for my diving trip on good friday weekend. Open for discussion. Thank you :)
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    Opening hours of AP and CP ?

    Hi there, Can anybody tell me what time are they open ? Alan and Cathay. Apologies if this qns has been repeated many times. Cant seem to find the thread to it. Cause will be going down rather early to get my A40 ! :D Thanks very much
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    ixus 330

    hi guys ! couple of reviews on ixus 330. Right now, im choosing between 2040z, a40 and ixus330. please give comments and pick your choice. camera vs package vs price...
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    Recommand a Non-digital camera

    Hi there, Hope you guys can help me out with this. I have been browsing through many threads here and all of them are either digital or SLR type camera discussions How about those normal cameras ? For myself, I am considering the olympus mju series 170. some of the reviews arent...