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    Ricoh Theta V has landed

    The recently launched Ricoh Theta V 360 degree camera has landed on our Singapore shore! Please watch this space for the upcoming review. Here is the unboxing video. Specifications: Object distance: Approx. 10cm - infinity (from front of lens)...
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    [rty] Sony RX100 V premium compact camera user review

    [User review] Sony RX-100 V Sony RX100 V is the fifth generation of Sony RX100 series. It was launched recently in October 2016. I bought the first generation RX100 series in 2012 and, frankly, I didn’t pay much attention each time the RX100 successive model was launched. It is mainly...
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    User review of RICOH THETA S and THETA SC

    In October 2016, Ricoh announced a new addition to its Theta product line: Theta SC. Through a very “influential gentleman” at Clubsnap, yours truly managed to get a hold of ...not only Theta SC but also its older (and slightly “classier”) sister, Theta S. Black...
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    These are some photos taken with my severely outdated Panasonic LX3 pocket camera during the recent winter in Qatar. For five to six months starting from the month of November, weather in Qatar is usually nice, hovering between 15C to 25C. During this time, often we get to see a clear deep blue...
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    Some Photos from Middle East

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    Photos We Love

    The truth is we love some of your photos! Some of them are so good, we feel like to jump out from our chairs and give you a standing ovation right away on the spot. Inevitably, with the volume and rate of the postings here, those good photos sometime get buried fast and it really pains us to see...
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    The Danube

    The "Not-so-blue" Danube river.... I guess when Johann Strauss wrote the piece "Blue Danube", the river was still blue.
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    Celebrating Strong Man

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    The Mailbox of House 103

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    "Say... is that a Canon you are holding?"
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    In the cinema...

    It's 10PM Saturday night.... do you know where Mr. Egghead is?
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    This tight cropped portrait was taken with my old D30 last year. F/22, 1/60, ISO 100
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    CD Exploded inside the CD-RW

    Has anyone ever encountered this experience, i.e. CD-R exploded inside the CD-ROM drive? It happened to me last night inside my Lite-On CD-RW 52x32x52x (model LTR-52327S). I inserted a disk and viewed the content of it on my screen, then I heard a normal whirling sound and suddenly a loud bang...
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    A little girl

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    Faithful Old Man

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    Mesmerizing corridor

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    Maple Leaf
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    Carly and her favorite ball

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