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    WTBuy: Memory Card - Other SD to CF Card Adapter

    Advertisement Category: Want To Buy (WTB) Equipment Type: Memory Card Equipment Brand: Other Equipment Model: SD to CF Card Adapter Budget (S$): <$20 Description: Want to buy an SD to CF card adapter for my old Canon camera. Real Name: dkw Warranty Status: NA
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    Myanmar Situation

    Sigh, really sad that in this day and age, you can still have military dictatorships ruining nations and their peoples. --> Myanmar, a country of huge...
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    "Posting faster than they can process"

    From Excerpts; Dr Cherian George, a journalism lecturer at Nanyang Technological University, summing up the issue, said that people nowadays are "posting faster than they can process", because of the...
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    Think before posting? Or hantam first, ask questions later?

    IMO, if you wish to post something on the internet, open to public view, you have a responsibility to make sure that the information is at least somewhat accurate or an opinion is reasonably thought through. It is important to me because there are many minors out there who are impressionable and...
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    Asian cars not less safe than European makes

    My own conclusions from a few rounds of shopping for family cars and basing decisions on real hard data from reputable testing agencies, as opposed to succumbing to uninformed biases...
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    I Want Higher Taxes, Really!

    Well, not really :) What I want is for a way for the country to prosper, but also for the poor not to be left too far behind. Sounds like a contradictory aim, doesn't it? So, what to do? Who's responsible? NATION BUILDING It is my opinion that in order for this to work, it needs a...
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    AHM 2006 - Share a Cab from CCK area?

    Greetings, I have booked a Taxi from my residence (around CCK sports hall) to the Esplanade on Sunday morning at 4.30am. I'll be happy to pick up another one or two guys heading out from that area. Entirely complimentary, but if you want to defray my costs a little, it will be gratefully...
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    Complaints, Brickbats and Internet Self Regulation

    Reading through the papers this morning I could not help but be drawn to the articles about internet regulation or lack thereof, and immediately the CS Kopitiam came to mind. To my mind, the internet can only survive as a useful medium for the dissemination of knowledge if the information in it...
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    Buying a Treadmill

    Hi there, I'm thinking of getting a treadmill for the home and wondering if anybody has got any experience regarding features and price. Looking at about 10 to 12 hours of usage a week and budget not more than $4K. Can be a largish machine if necessary and preferably with Polar heart rate...
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    CS = Complain Society

    Top 3 complaints in the last 12 months: 1) MRT fare hike 2) Movie ticket price hike 3) Starhub Cable Sports Channel price hike Any more? :rolleyes:
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    Leica in financial crisis

    Sigh, just when I was pondering getting one for fun ---> Hope they don't become a division of Canon....
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    A question about the Maha CF401 charger

    Taken off Steve's Digicam; "The C401FS uses a unique FLEX negative pulse charging algorithm which allows the battery to be more completely charged. In addition to charging batteries more efficiently, the FLEX pulse method also eliminates the old fashioned battery conditioning mode. Select...
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    Sigma 150mm Macro Lens

    Greetings, anybody got this lens yet, or know if it is available here? TIA!
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    10-22 EF-S Underexposing?

    Greetings, just got my 10-22 EF-S, and took it for a spin around Chinatown last evening. I was shooting in Av mode (set on f6.3) on a 20D, EV+0. Strange thing was, as it got darker, the shots began to get severely underexposed, by 1.5 to 2 stops almost, confirmed by histogram. Despite the...
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    Calling all CSI addicts

    Can't recall the last time I followed a TV series this closely, but CSI ROCKS! Yah yah, its only a show and half of it is hocus-pocus, gripping stuff nonetheless, yes? They keep changing cameras though, so far have spotted a Nikon F5, Nikon Coolpix 5700, and a Kodak DSLR. Probably product...
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    EF mount lens rear cap

    Greetings, anybody know how much a rear lens cap for the EF mount costs? Dun mind buying used. TIA,
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    Metz 54 Mz3/4 SCA 3102 AND 20D

    Greetings, calling all Metz 54 users, I've just had a vexing conversation with a tech from Jebsen and Jebsen regarding the firmware fix for the SCA 3102. Basically got a fob-off, apparently had requested the M3 software from the parent company but had not received it yet ;(. If you can spare...
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    What's the market value for a used mint EOS 1V

    Greetings, a newbie friend got hold of one of these :bigeyes: , would like to know what the market value of a mint EOS1V is. TIA.
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    Where to Buy: O2 xda IIs

    Greetings, am looking to buy an xda IIs. Anybody got any recommendations as to where to get this and what is the current price (w/o line)? Thanks in advance....