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    B+W 093 IR filter with D300?

    They cut off light at different wavelengths. Both the B+W 092 and Hoya R72 allow some small amounts of visible light (red that is) to pass through the filter, giving you digital photos that are tinted with red. If channel swaps are done on these photos, assuming you set your WB properly...
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    Nikon Capture NX2 is out...

    Wooooohooooo!!!! This is so much faster than NX :devil: :heart: _
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    Tamron 28 - 75mm

    This is an extremely sharp lens if you get a good copy, so if you're thinking of getting one, make sure you test a few. Other than the possibility of getting one that slipped under the QC radar, this is truly a value-for-money lens. I've used it on a D70, D200 and D3 and whilst I had some...
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    B+W 093 IR filter with D300?

    Before you venture into the B+W 093, I would strongly suggest that you test out your D300 with an Hoya R72 or B+W 092. The D300's IR cut filter is pretty strong. If you have difficulties with the lower rated R72 and 092, you can bet that it'll be even more difficult with the 093. Cheers
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    Happy Birthday to Matt & THL

    Wahhh! Very Pei Seh!! :embrass: Thanks guys; Have not come in to check for the longest time, completely swamped with work, pulling 17 hour work days for the past 3 weeks. :sweat: Cheers, Matt
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    Nikon WT-4 w/ OS X Leopard?

    Read this thread: You should be able to get it from the usual shops like Lords, J316, Cathay, TK, etc... but perhaps you should call Lords first, they usually stock some of the more hard-to-get items and the WT-4 IS a hard to get item...
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    Do u buy insurance for your camera and lenses?

    If I remember correctly, the insurance discussed in CS sometime ago was one where the person insured his equipment with his home contents. This has some serious problems as you'd only legally be able to claim if your home was broken into or it was subject to fire or water damage. If you lost...
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    Nikon WT-4 w/ OS X Leopard?

    Actually the post says: The workaround does not use the included software, instead it teaches you how to setup a Mac running Mac OS X Leopard so that it can communicate and transfer photos from the WT-4. Anyway, here's the link: WT-4 on Mac OSX Leopard BTW, this link can also be found...
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    P80 have arrived!!!

    I don't think there's much you can do about the NR strength. There seems to be only two settings, Auto and On. :bsmilie: The body's mainly plastic so it feels vey light but also very fragile. It zooms in and out very quickly but is quite noisy. Focusing is very fast (seems much...
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    Is it correct???

    Firstly, what you've posted look like out-of-camera shots with little or no post processing, you've got quite a bit of post processing to do before you'll start to see the blue skies, etc. Secondly, when you shoot with the R72 filter, it's unlikely that you'd get the golden leaves effect...
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    3G lenbabies for D300

    Yes _
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    Irene & Fronda

    Hee! You might wish to visit this site: to learn more for future Kimono themed shoots, pay special attention to line #2 at the bottom of the page. :) _
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    Potential issue with new D3 firmware

    If it isn't your battery, then the next thing to check is whether you camera is connected to your computer via the USB cable. That blocks the mirror lockup function too. Check to see if you've got a CF card in your camera and that it isn't full. To take a dust reference photo, you'll need to...
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    D90 + D3x in June 08?

    Ha! ha! The problem is that there actually ARE people here in CS, elsewhere too, who would do exactly what you wrote. A well placed smiley would have done wonders... :bsmilie: _
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    D90 + D3x in June 08?

    How do we determine when a DSLR becomes obsolete? When a new model appears on the market? Or when the functions available on the older model no longer meet our needs? :) What do we buy DSLRs for? :dunno: _
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    Advice needed for macro lens

    The magnification capabilities of both lenses are the same. They are both 1:1 lenses, which means that at the minimum focusing distance, both lenses will produce a 1:1 magnification on your sensor, which in turn means that a 1cm object your are photographing will occupy 1cm on your film or...
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    D3 firmware 1.10 is available

    Some curious person went to dig into the firmware and saw this: :bsmilie: _
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    D3 firmware 1.10 is available

    :thumbsup::thumbsup: This works very nicely with the 24-70mm f/2.8. With the setting set to High, if dramatically reduces the vignette for shots taken at f/2.8. :D Too bad it doesn't help the 16mm f/2.8 FE though. :( _
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    How long is Nikkor lense warranty?

    "Imported" or "Grey" sets are those that have been brought in by the shop, not the authorized distributor/agent, at significantly lower costs when compared to those from the authorized sources. These sets would be WITHOUT official warranties from Nikon (the yellow warranty papers) so the shop...
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    How long is Nikkor lense warranty?

    You will have global (international) warranty for your lenses and flashes, so long as they are not "grey" or "imported" sets, but warranty for the DSLR body will be covered in the country of purchase.