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    Where to shop camera gears in Japan?

    My wife and I will visit Japan before Christmas. Does anyone know good places to get camera gears, particularly 2nd hands? I remember someone told me their 2nd hand gears are real bargains.
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    Question about 70-300D ED

    I bought a 2nd hand 70-300D ED. But something doesn't feel right. First, the focus ring feels damped, as tight as the zoom ring. I think the focus ring should be very loose. Second, photos at 300mm f/5.6 look very soft. The camera was on very stable tripod. It's soft that It looks as if...
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    Tokina 12-24: inconsistent exposure

    I just realized my Tokina 12-24 showed inconsistent exposure: At the wide-end, it underexposed by about -0.5ev at smaller apertures (e.g. f/16). i.e. If I set it to 12mm, set the camera (D70) to A mode and spot meter, take a shot of a graycard @ f/4 and then take another shot @ f/16, the f/16...
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    Recommendation of portable storage?

    I need some recommendation of a portable storage for NEFs. The following criteria are important to me: 1. Reliable! 2. Battery life 3. Fast transfer from CF 4. Not expensive (e.g. Epson 2000 is too expensive for me and I don't need that sexy color LCD.) It'll be good if it has a color...
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    Inspect mould removable?

    When inspecting a 2nd hand lens, I'm wondering if we can tell whether a lens has been cleaned to remove mould. Thanks
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    Fix aliasing produced by the sensor?

    I have the following image taken on Nikon D70: The poles in the vineyard show aliasing: alternate poles haves alternate brightness. If zoom at 200%, each individual pole also exhibits aliasing: pixels have alternate brightness vertically...
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    Abnormality of Color Modes on Nikon DSLRs

    I've been participating in a long thread on on colorspace and color modes on D70: One would expect the color mode selection on the camera (and Nikon Capture) affects only the outputting colorspace but...
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    Cheap Macro on SLR/DSLR

    I want to do macro but don't have much to spend. I thought of reverse ring and extension tubes on my 50/1.8. But I will lose TTL metering with my D70. Is macro attachment (attached to the front of the lens) of any good? Any suggestion?
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    JPG Color Profile for web display

    In PS, when I save a TIFF, which was originally taken in NEF AdobeRGB, as JPG for web display, do I need to first covert the color profile to sRGB IEEE xxxx? And how significant is it? I did't see much difference between the converted and un-converted ones on the browser by my naked eyes...
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    EXIF info lost in NEF->TIFF->JPG

    If I opened NEF in NC, transferred it to PS CS (in TIFF) and then saved it in JPG, the JPG didn't retain the EXIF info. All solution?
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    Printe size of 3.2MP camera?

    Thinking of getting a compact digital for my wife and tossing between 3.2MP and 4MP. How big can photos taken on 3.2MP be printed?
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    Casio EX-Z30/Z40

    Considering of getting a Z30 or Z40. I read on that the older models Z3/Z4 don't have a write-buffer and it takes up to 4 secs to get ready for the next shoot. How problematic is that in practice? And have Z30/Z40 fixed that problem? Thanks
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    Powershot SD110 and S400

    Need to get a ultra-compact digital compact for my wife. Small size, fast startup and minimal shutter lag are the main criteria. (and of course, have reasonable image quality.) I'm considering SD110 and S400. Apart from pixel count (3.2MP and 4MP), optical zoom range (2x vs 3x) and storage...
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    DSLR custom curve: Linear vs Log scale?

    Fotogenetic's website says: "the custom tone curves are applied in the camera on a logarithmic scale while the same curves are applied to the preview image in the Edit Camera Curves dialog box, Nikon Capture (NC), and Photoshop (PS) on a linear scale." Is that true?! I originally thought...
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    In-camera sharpening permanent in NEF?

    I remember I read in Thom's D70 Guide that it is advisable to shoot NEF with in-camera sharpening set to NONE as USM in PC software offers far more fine tuning. He sounds like in-camera sharpening alters the image permanently. But, in Nikon Capture, it seems I can easily alter or even switch off...
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    D70: Yet another back-focus test Don't look severely BF. Should I bring my camera to Nikon Service for calibration? And, does anyone know why the AF descrapency is lens dependent?
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    Learn: Custom Curves, Colour spaces, etc on D70

    Ok, with my new D70 and leaving behing me my old film-based stuff, I realize there's a whole new world of digital knowledge I need to master. I came across things like custom curves, colour spaces on various posts and have only a vague idea what they are. What are the best resources to learn...
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    Autofocus area indicator diffused on D70?

    I've finally got my new D70!! I realize that the red AF area indicator light sort of spreads and diffuses. It doesn't only light up the selected area, but also lights up the rest of the AF marks, the circle and the grid lines (if turned on). Is this normal? (This is very different from my...
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    Poll: Your photo equipment investment strategy

    I personally tend to think long term when I purchase photo gears. I assume I will use a piece of equipment for years. But I've seen many people "trade in" virtual new gears on CS and then purchase yet newer gears. Initially I thought that was not financially sensible. But when I think more about...
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    Salvation Army, how to donate?

    Dudes, How do I donate stuff to salvation army? Where are their collection stations? I got loads of old stuff (e.g. clothes, books, shoes) I want to donate. But I don't have a car. If it's somewhere I can't easily reach, what can I do? Thanks