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    LCD Protectors for S3pro

    u might want to try its a local company, got my s2 pro lcd proctetor from them
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    Screen Protector for DC LCD

    I get my screen protectors from it's a local based company. You might check out their web site and contact them. They do personalise screen too.
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    S2Pro Sensor spoilt

    there is this post seems one of the guy got his fixed in singapore foc
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    Where to buy Leicas

    When the "wedding" comes through, let us know, I was that close to getting the M7 yesterday, what a thrill it was handling one, pure joy.
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    Where to buy Leicas

    a bit off tangent to the subject, cos i intend to get an m7 and it will be my first leica. do one put a filter in front of the lens. considering that the optics is excellent, would putting a filter negates it. thanks for any advise
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    ccd cleaning

    Has anyone tried the brushes from Any comments if any. From their website it looks kinda simple. Thinking of getting one.
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    can anyone tell me more about ventureera

    someone close to me is keen to joint this company, after a few meeting with them. the way he tells me how it is run confuses me. does anyone know anything about it. seems they are selling mattress with magnet?? or something to that effect. anyone heard of it? thanks
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    where to repair lcd screen?

    Hullo A friend of mine has a sony videocam and it seems that the lcd screen looks misty, kinda like there are moisture in it. Is there anywhere that I can bring it to have it repaired? Thanks
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    Macro shots from Macritchie Nature Reserve

    like the second and third picture. The caterpillar on the eaten leave side by side with the almost untouched leave gives an excellent perspective. Coupled with the butterfly in the third pix, the transformation is complete. Though I have know idea if the the caterpillar and the butterfly are of...
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    external battery pack for S2

    thanks surge will pop over and see if it fits what i need
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    external battery pack for S2

    Yes, I think something in the category. Sometimes need to use the S2 for long periods of time, would sure like some long lasting power. Thanks
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    external battery pack for S2

    thanks sfhuang I was thinking along the line where an external battery pack where one doesnt have to rely on AAs for the S2. Kinda like an external power kind of thingy. You have any idea?
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    external battery pack for S2

    Hi, does anyone use an external battery pack for the S2? If yes, what kind are available? where can it be bought and the usual for how much? Thanks
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    Print out for S2 pro...

    What are the size of your intended prints?.
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    Sony-Ericsson phones

    I use the Z600, b4 was a Nokia, the SMS alarm sound is kinda short, but other than that luv it. Especially the GPRS bar on the phone. Shows u if the signal is strong enough to use GPRS. attan
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    screen protectors

    Found this site It is based in singapore, they make screen protectors for cameras and other stuffs too. U all might want to check it out.
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    Yawn or roar
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    Fuji Users Gather!

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    the predators gaze

    They were lazing around, until the vet started to dart some deer on the other side. They became alert very fast.