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    WTSell: Lens - Canon EF-S 18-55mm 3.5-5.6 Non IS

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Lens Equipment Brand: Canon Equipment Model: EF-S 18-55mm 3.5-5.6 Non IS Price (S$): 45 Description: Unused EF-S 18-55 3.5-5.6 This is the NON IS version that came with the 400D. Reposting as previous bidder has gone phantom...
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    WTSell: Filter - Hoya 72mm C-PL and 81A

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Filter Equipment Brand: Hoya Equipment Model: 72mm C-PL and 81A Price (S$): 50 Description: This is a rePOST of the following thread Hoya 72mm C-PL Japan Condition 9+...
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    WTSell: Lens - Canon EF-S 18-55 3.5-5.6

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Lens Equipment Brand: Canon Equipment Model: EF-S 18-55 3.5-5.6 Price (S$): $45 Description: This is the NON, repeat NON IS version Mark I lens that came with older Canon DSLRs. Probably about 4 years old, never used, no fungus...
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    WTSell: Accessory - Nikon Wide Converter WC-E24

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Accessory Equipment Brand: Nikon Equipment Model: Wide Converter WC-E24 Price (S$): Please offer Description: Nikon Wide Converter WC-E24 0.66X Made in Japan Please make a reasonable offer as I have no idea how much this is...
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    WTSell: Others - Kenko Kenko Dig Wide 0.5X

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Others Equipment Brand: Kenko Equipment Model: Kenko Dig Wide 0.5X Price (S$): Please make and offer Description: Kenko Digital Wide 0.5x wide angle adapter with Kenko 46.5 - 58mm adapter ring. The adapter itself has a 58mm thread...
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    WTSell: Filter - Hoya 72mm C-PL etc

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Filter Equipment Brand: Hoya Equipment Model: 72mm C-PL etc Price (S$): See below Description: Selling for a friend who now uses 67 and 77 filters having sold lenses that use 58 and 72mm (1) Hoya 72mm C-PL Japan Condition 8.5...
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    450D Samples - DPReview

    DPREVIEW has posted first samples of photos taken with the 450D ranging from ISO100 to ISO1600. Nice.... but I did not download the 4-5MB files to check noise performance on the 100% crops.
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    40D Dust Speck

    There is a speck of dust in my 40D viewfinder. Figure out is not the lens. Figure out it is not the mirror, take out the focussing screen and it is still there, so it is somewhere in the pentaprism - diffficult to access and clean. I suppose I have to take it to CSC for cleaning. Just a...
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    Good Value DSLRs

    Used DSLRs are great value now. Given a half decent lens, they still deliver speed, low noise, and good pictures that compacts can never achieve. e.g. D30 recently sold for under $200 300D going for under $400, even under $300! 10D going for under $500 20D going for under $750 The...
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    Ixus Ixy Elph

    Canon is certainly managing to confuse people by having not only different names but numbers for different IXUS models - especially so when you are trying to read reviews from different countries and wondering "which is the local equivalent". Well, just look here - and it is quite up to date...
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    And the 30D Sale begins

    Notice the number of 30Ds for sale last day or so now that 40D is announced. Think that 20D price is below $900 and 30D $1300. 30D a bit tempting but 40D looks so good......
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    Hot pixels on F31fd

    Dang - after a few weeks, found that my F31fd has 1 hot pixel. Any one else checked for hot pixels? Any out there? Do you know if Fuji will replace cam or map out the hot pixel?
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    Why Canon EX has better exposure accuracy than Sigma 500

    OK I have been using a Sigma 500 DG Super and struggling with the exposure accuracy of the E-TTL flash (300D, not E-TTL2). The theory has been that the camera determines the flash output and not the flash, so it should not be any different from a Canon EX flash. I think some of us have found...
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    Why I use a Canon DSLR but a Fuji F31fd compact Good test.
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    dpreview article on noise Good reading. Forget about the others F30/31fd beats them all except DSLRs
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    Lots of 1D II for sale suddenly

    I still remember not long after it came out - ooh aah was it good or what - I managed to get my hand on one and remember that it felt really good. Now III is out, II is being dumped. OK there may be some pros who change their equipment every so often. Or perhaps it is latest gadget...
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    Canon EF Lenses - "Budget Grade"

    Here is the list of Canon lenses which are budget grade, i.e. plastic mount, no focussing scale, no real focussing ring, lightweight, low price. But at least one is optically very very good. Above this range are CONSUMER grade lenses (many of them) and LUXURY ("L") grade lenses. Unlike...
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    Canon 20D 30D price in HK

    Went to a few shops in HK yesterday. As usual, Wing Shing in Mongkok gave good prices upon request without having to bargain or anything. 20D Wing Shing = HKD 7,800 or SGD 1,650 approx 30D Wing Shing = HKD 9,080 or SGD 1,920 approx Tin Cheung = HKD 8,900 but no stock so not sure how...
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    300D Rotary Switch Faulty

    Any 300D users out there encountered this problem? My 300D rotary switch (i.e. the one next to the shutter release button for aperture, shutter speed etc) has a problem where it sometimes works and it sometimes doesn't. E.g. in M (manual) mode, if I want to change shutter speed, I turn the...
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    Super Wides

    Canon EF-S 10-22 / 3.5-4.5 USD 700-800 Tamron 11-18 / 4.5-5.6 USD 570-600 Sigma 10-20 / 4-5.6 USD 500 Tokina 12-24 / F4 USD 500 Sigma 12-24 / 4.5-5.6 full frame USD 600-700 Lots of choices coming up soon. Going to be fun deciding ... Canon 10-22 has the largest aperture but almost...