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    Deadpixel:: Changi South Biz Park

    It was nice to meet everyone in this outing, really had a good time. Must say that the weather really held out, despite the weather man's earlier predictions of rain. :) #1 Along the way there (not sure why the blue's so pastel) #2 Looking back (45min after start...hee hee!) - Be It Ever...
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    IR Shot of Vivo in Newpaper

    Leon, Was that IR shot of Vivo City in the New Paper yesterday taken by you? :) _
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    IR + "Toy" Sports Photography Article

    There's a short but interesting article in the August 2007 Issue of Popular Photography & Imaging Magazine. The writer explains his use of a IR converted Canon 10D with tilt-shift lenses. :) _
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    Nikon Coolpix P5000 & IR

    Nikon's recent batches of compact digital aren't the best around, with slow AF, noise and limited features, it's no wonder most people would give Nikon compacts a pass. What on earth am I doing with a Nikon compact then? Well, for one thing, it's cheap. For another, it's packed with quite a...
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    Ice Lens?

    Has anyone here tried this in SG :bsmilie: Ice Lens Photography There was actually a complete write up on how to achieve this, does anyone have that link? Cheers, Matt
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    Lensbaby 3G!! Whoooohoooo!

    This is one has the one feature I'm sure all Lensbaby users have wanted :thumbsup: See it here: Lensbaby Website Read the review here: Pop Photo Review of Lensbaby 3G Now to camp at my computer and wait for the order lines to open :bsmilie: _
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    D200 CWB Setting

    Prior to getting my D200 and several weeks after I got it, I'd been reading several posts from D200 users that it was not possible to do a Custom White Balance (CWB) through regular methods. I believed this and even contributed to the misinformation too. This is a link to the current method of...
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    Just fooling around...

    With a post processing method I came across dubbed "Orton Imagery" Gateway of Heros I know it's a little dark for some taste, but it reflects my current mood. Hee... :) Tell me what you think about the application of this technique to digital infrared photography: Orton Imagery...
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    Oh No!!!!!

    Is the Nikon subforum about to lose its idol? :cry: This is a day of mourning...:cry: :bsmilie: :bsmilie: _
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    Shoot from DSLR and view from PC - shooting tethered

    Anyone seen this Nikon Capture Pro on sale anywhere in SG? The CD Key is on sale at the Nikon Mall for US$70 ... Ouch!! :o This used to be a part of Nikon Capture 4. :angry: O well, maybe since NCNX is working with NC4 still on my notebook, the cheap way would be to use NC4 Camera Control...
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    Capture NX Available at B&H

    Going for US$149.95 ~ SG$237 Capture NX at B&H Cheers
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    Canon G3

    Just a couple of test shots from a Canon G3: 1/100s @ f/4 and 1/100s @ f/4 The filter used is the Hoya R72 and CWB was done with an Expodisk. It was raining quite heavily and there was a very thick cloud cover. :bigeyes: Cheers, Matt
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    Thom Hogan Uses a D70i from LifePixel

    Catch his single shot and very short comment at his site before it changes... Cheers, Matt
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    D200 Unsuitable for IR

    Hmmm... It seems that the verdict is out about the D200's suitability for IR and UV photography... Bjørn Rørslett's Review on the D200's IR performance :cry: Looks like the D70i is still going to be around for quite some time. Cheers, Matt
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    Buy Original ...

    Batteries that is: Fake Batteries Blow Up Camera Sort of reminds me of the guy who used a OEM handphone battery in his Nokia phone and had his leg and jewels blown off. :o Cheers
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    Hyperfocal Charts

    Ok, following Max 2.8's suggestion, I'll post some hyperfocal charts here in JPEG so that the more adventurous can try out hyperfocusing. The charts should be accurate as I got the computer to calculate everything in an Excel spreadsheet, but if anyone spots errors, please drop me a PM and I'll...
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    IR + Lensbaby 2.0 Still-Life Abstracts

    I've always found it almost impossible to combine a lensbaby with an IR filter and even when I managed the acrobatics to achieve it, the results were not good. This time however, thanks to a modified D70, I've managed to shot some. Here are a couple of early test photos...
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    D70i - Conversion Precaution

    We have all probably visited most of the websites that detail instructions on how to convert your D70 for pure IR photography, so I don't think it's necessary for me to post photos of my conversion process. However, there are two details that no one else seems to have mentioned, so I'll just...
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    D70i - Infrared Only Camera

    Finally! After several false starts, I've managed to convert my old D70 to a pure infrared camera. :D All thanks to the information found in these sites:
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    Abstract IR

    Grabbed shots of common everyday things from odd angles: #1 - Rocky Shadow #2 - Spirals #3 - Rock Mosaic #4 - Star Cruiser?!? #5 - Yikes!! The last one's more of a close-up than abstract but still... Thanks for looking. Cheers