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    'Bomb in boots' comment causes family to miss holiday,4139,126161,00.html Any views about this incident? This airport security thing is going overboard.
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    New CCNP syllabus

    Anyone preparing for the new exams?
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    SAF Vehicle Column outside Suntec

    The Armoured Vehicle Launched Bridge (AVLB) is a bridge mounted on the M60 armoured vehicle. The vehicle is operated by 2 men - the vehicle commander and the operator. The vehicle is capable of launching or retrieval of its bridge within 10 mins. It can also be mounted with Trackway Mine Plough...
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    The Glowing Tree Under Moonlight

    The Glowing Tree Under Moonlight Please give me your comments!
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    Where to get black Canon photo vest?

    Hello people! Where in Singapore can I get a black Canon photo vest?
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    NTU Campus

    Sunset at President's Lodge Stone Benches Nanyang Crescent Block N2
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    Lighting the Bonfire

    Lighting up the bonfire to kick off the camp fire for orientation camp. For your critic, please.
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    Watching a Match

    This shot was taken of one of my photographers taking a rest, watching a game of Captain's Ball during orientation camp. For your critic, please.
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    Invitation to all NTU Engineering Freshmen

    Camp Insinyur - NTU Combined Engineering Freshmen Orientation Camp A series of fun-filled activities will leave NTU Engineering freshmen definitely enthused after the residential six-day five-night camp. Highlights include Know Your Campus at NTU and Beach Games & Campfire at Sentosa...
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    Any to-be Engineering Freshmen at NTU here??

    Any to-be Engineering Freshmen at NTU here?? particularly those admitted to Common Engineering Year 1, directly admitted to CEE, MPE, EEE Yr 2?
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    Need help with ClubSNAP photo gallery

    Hello, HELP HELP :gbounce: :gbounce: I have a Value Plan webspace with ClubSNAP. One big question now is how to post pictures to the gallery??
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    Devilicious Bash @ Devils Bar

    My first try at club photography....
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    Photographers needed for Orientation Camp

    Photographers needed for Orientation Camp Two to three photographers from the College of Engineering of NTU are needed for Camp Insinyur 2004 (the Combined Engineering Freshmen Orientation Camp) to be held in early July (tentatively held in the week starting 5th July or 12th July)...
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    NTU PVS presents "Lights, Camera, Action! 2004"

    "Lights, Camera, Action! 2004" is a nationwide Photography and Short Film Competition organised by the NTU Photo-Videographic Society (PVS) and co-organised by the National Library Board (NLB). There are $13,000 worth of attractive prizes to be won. Sponsors include Canon Singapore, Cathay...
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    NTU CAC Talentime Impresario 2004

    These are my shots from the concert held recently at Nanyang Auditorium.
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    What will be a good theme for a photo competition?

    Hello, I'm the co-chairperson for the next Lights Camera Action Photography Competition, organised by the Photo-Videographic Society of NTU. I would just like to survey you nice people out there for some interesting and good theme for the photo competition. any nice suggestions, just reply...
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    NTU PVS presents "Photography Talk - Beyond Images"

    Dear Clubsnap Members, On behalf of the 20th Management Committee of the Photo-Videographic Society of the Nanyang Technological University, I would like to cordially invite you to "Photography Talk - Beyond Images". The details of the talk is as follows:- Guest Speaker: Mr Kwek Leng Joo...
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    Contax/Yashica mount lenses

    Anyone knows where to get second hand Contax/Yashica mount lenses? Please don't tell me to get Carl Zeiss T* lenses. Those can cost a bomb. :dunno:
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    Don't Look Here