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    WTBuy: Lens - Panasonic 14-45mm f/3.5-5.6 ASPH MEGA O.I.S. LUMIX G VARIO

    Advertisement Category: Want To Buy (WTB) Equipment Type: Lens Equipment Brand: Panasonic Equipment Model: 14-45mm f/3.5-5.6 ASPH MEGA O.I.S. LUMIX G VARIO Budget (S$): $220 Description: Would like to get this lens to pair with my Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1 for my Bali trip this weekend. SMS me...
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    Sony F828 Hyper Colour Problem

    Hello, Before I go to the Sony Service Center, I am wondering if anyone else has faced a similar problem before. When I take a photo, the image in the LCD as well as the downloaded image on my PC shows in hyper colour. However, everything is okay when I use the camera in video mode. I've...
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    Korban 2006

    Warning: Potential gory photos with blood ahead Before the sacrifice. The sheeps finding comfort from one another. Sacrificial Tools Feet and Hooves The Cut The draining of blood
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    Chinatown - Changing Times (taken using Sony F828)

    Bustling Chinatown shophouses contrasting the backdrop of the Central Business District towering skyscrapers (ISO64, 3secs, F8.0) I choose this shutter speed as I was not using a tripod (handheld shot) and I wanted to bring out the movement and activity in the streets. At the same time, I...
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    Thaipusam 2005

    Recently aquired a 2nd hand Sony F828 and decided to do a test drive yesterday at the Thaipusam Festival at Serangoon Road. Most of them are close-up shots as I found it a little hard to capture good wide angle shots as the devotees were everywhere and it was very crowded. 1. 2. 3...
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    Difference between Photo Dectectors and Effective Pixels

    Could anyone explain what's the technical difference between the number of photo detectors and effective pixels sometimes stated in the specifications of certain digital cameras? Normally, the number of photo dectectors are a little higher than the number of effective pixels.
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    Why are there more Canon stuff on sale in Buy/Sell than Nikon?

    I am not sure if this has been touched on before. I did do a search and couldn't find anything on the same topic so here I go... Have been trying to find a flash and lens in the Buy and Sell section for the past few days. I own a Nikon system. I just have this to ask.... Why are there...
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    Easier Manual Focussing?

    I used to have a Nikon FE which I use my manual focus lens with. Manual Focussing is by using the split half circle method. I have since upgraded to a F80D and there is no such half circles. When I want to focus, I have to just rely on seeing wherther the image looks sharp to me...
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    Need a light weight zoom lens

    Hi all Nikon techies out there. I will be travelling and and thinking of having light weight zoom lens. My friend has this zoom lens which I THINK is a G lens (no aperture ring) with range of 70mm-300mm, and F3.5-5.6 (not very sure about all the exact settings) Anyway, it's light and I am...
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    Coming in at the Finish Line

    Camera: Nikon F80D Lens: Tokina 28-80 F2.8 Location: SMU Event: Road Relay 2002 Sorry but I don't have a larger photo as I don't have the original I see this photo as nothing more but a photojournalistic one. It accompanied an article in a school newspaper. How does this photo work...
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    Anxiously Waiting

    ...:: Another day has passed. Will she call? ::...
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    Software to create Gallery

    I am looking for a software that will allow me to easily manage my photos online by putting them in catergories, adding new albums, adding new photos when I want to etc... An example would but that of Gallery at But what I want is something more idiot...
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    Programs to burn photos into photo cd

    I am wondering if there are any programs that is able to turn regular digital photos into an photo cd album for easier viewing?
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    Difference between the Smenas?

    Hello, can anyone tell me the difference between the various Smena? Of cos, other than the way they look... For example, Smena 8M and SYmbol. What are the differences? Which one is better and why? Do you know of any sites I can find out more about them? THanks.
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    Some Lomo LC-A Photos

    Here's a link to a page full of photos taken using the LOMO LC-A camera. Click on the link that has the word 'lomo lc-a' in it. -> <- I think there are many interesting and nice shots in this chap's photo album. I particularly like this one. Take a...
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    Lomo Camera Lens made in and ASA accceptance??

    Am interested in getting a lomo camera. Am looking at 2 now. Mainly the Lomo LC-A $300+, or the SuperSampler $97+. I know the LC-A's lens is made in Russia which gives it's photos it's rich colours. However, I was playing around with the SuperSampler at Kinokuniya and...
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    Esplanade Concert Hall

    Here's a shot of the Concert Hall within the Esplanade. Was taking photos for one of the events. More of the concert photos can be found here
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    Can d/l photos from Nikon D1 using Canon G1?

    Hi, I have a Canon Powershot G1. I managed to borrow a Nikon D1 and was wondering if it were possible for me to take photos using the D1, take out the CF card, insert it into the G1, and then download the photos as per normal. Thanks!
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    Zooming Problem with Canon G1

    Does anyone else have this problem? I recently discovered that my Canon G1 has a zooming problem. When I attempt to zoom in using the zoom function, the camera zooms all the way to the maximum. After that, there is no way for me to zoom out or to adjust the zooming function. I will have...